Princess Diana is depicted fighting for control of her car after her brakes failed during scenes with Crownreferring to real experience.

In the fifth season of the Netflix series, which depicts the collapse of her marriage to King Charles III in the 1990s, Elizabeth Dębicki is shown rushing through the intersection and barely avoiding traffic.

Although the show is fictional, the real princess told friends about a similar incident in 1995, the year before her divorce from Charles.

Diana died in a car accident at the Pont de l’Alma underpass in Paris in 1997, and a British police investigation and subsequent investigation ruled out the homicide as the cause of her d*ath. When she died, chauffeur Henri Paul was driving.

Princess Diana, seen at Sandringham on Christmas 1993, compared to the image of the royal Elizabeth Dębicka in the fifth season of “The Crown”. Dębicki plays the role of Diana’s brakes while driving.
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How Crown Princess Diana brake failure depicted

In Episode 7, Diana Debicki tells Prince William, who was a child at the time, and her private secretary, Patrick Jephson, that he believes her phones are being tapped.

Immediately afterwards, while driving to visit his brother Charles Spencer, he discovers that he cannot stop at a red light and at an intersection, barely avoiding an accident.

After she finally comes to a stop at the side of the road, she leans over the steering wheel in tears before she later says to Spencer, “I think they’ve been messing around with the brakes on my car now, too. They may just need a service. “

Princess Diana’s real life fears that her brakes have been compromised

Psychologist and alternative healer Simone Simmons and Diana’s ex-boyfriend Hasnat Khan told police after Diana’s d*ath that she had reported a brake failure while driving in her life.

The police report of Operation Paget on the tragedy read: “Simone Simmons said that one day in 1995” [Paget Note: She cannot be more specific after this length of time] The Duchess of Wales called her from her car, saying that the brakes had failed and that she thought they had been broken.

The Princess of Wales then wrote a note to Simone Simmons stating:
[British intelligence services] It was either MI5 or MI6. “

Simmons told the police that Diana had sent her a note which she remembered: “Dear Simone, as you know, my car’s brakes have been tampered with. If anything happens to me then MI5 or MI6 I did it. Lots of love, Diana.

Simmons, quoted in the report, told police: “It turned out to be normal wear and tear. It was the only time she had expressed concern for her safety.

“Diana could be quite impulsive and jump to conclusions. She felt very depressed due to the separation during the brake problems and was taking sleeping pills. “

Paget’s report also describes how Diana commented on the manipulation of her brakes to Hasnat Khan, her boyfriend from 1995 to 1997.

He states: “In 1995, he saw her driving a specific motor vehicle. When he saw her in a car a few months later, which Hasnat Khan described as around December 1995, she was in another car, a BMW.

“Hasnat Khan asked her what happened to the previous car because it was such a beautiful vehicle. The Princess of Wales told him that the brakes were tampered with, so she decided to change the car.

Princess Diana’s Wider Concerns Over Conspiracy To ‘Put Her Aside’

In October 1995, Princess Diana met with her private secretary Patrick Jephson and attorney Victor Mishcon, during which she said she was concerned about trying to organize a car accident.

Paget’s report stated, “He [Mishcon] wrote that the Duchess of Wales had told him that “credible sources” (which she did not want to mention) had informed her that by April 1996, be it an accident on her car, such as a brake failure, meaning that efforts would be made if not to get rid of it, then at least see that it is so injured or damaged that it can be considered unbalanced.

“The Princess of Wales apparently believed there was a conspiracy and that both she and Camilla Parker Bowles were to be” sidelined. “

Lord Mishcon told the Princess of Wales that if he truly believed in his life or being …
security measures, including those relating to her car, must be in place

“He did not believe what she was saying was plausible and he sought a private word with Patrick Jephson, who to Lord Mishcon’s surprise said that” halfway through
he believed in the accuracy of her remarks about her safety.

However, police found no evidence that Diana’s brakes had indeed been compromised, and the report stated, “Operation Paget found no evidence to support the Princess of Wales.” After that, the Princess of Wales continued to drive cars. “

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