The Secret Service reportedly intercepted 24 phone calls from agents in connection with a controversial investigation by the Department of Homeland Security Inspector General into the January 6 att*ck on the Capitol.

Two dozen phone calls by agents, which probably did not include the January 6 messages, were forwarded to DHS IG Joseph Cuffari in July shortly after he opened an investigation into the missing text messages of the att*ck. NBC News reported on Tuesday.

It is unclear what information if any of the Cuffari, appointed by Trump, who previously worked for Republican officials in Arizona, collected from the phones of agents owned by the government.

The revelations of phone seizures fail to clear up puzzling questions about Cuffari’s probe and its surveillance of the Secret Service within months of the att*ck.

He revealed in the summer that text messages from Secret Service agents involved in the January 6 att*ck were largely removed as part of what the agency described as a pre-planned technical upgrade to coincide with the upcoming administration of President Biden.

The Cuffari office apparently knew about the lost news for over a year before it alerted the congressional committee to investigate the att*ck, a delay that infuriated lawmakers.

Any texts posted by agents on Jan. 6 and preparations for the Capitol att*ck are clearly of interest to investigators, raising serious questions about the Secret Service chief’s decision to wipe phones just days after a historic effort to prevent a peaceful handover to Biden from ex-President Donald Trump .


The news took on even more importance in June, when former White House adviser Cassidy Hutchinson said in a January 6 committee meeting that Trump physically accosted a Secret Service agent when he refused to drive Trump to the Capitol to personally lead the uprising.

Hutchinson said the incident was denied by Trump’s deputy chief of staff of the White House, Tony Ornato, and the agent who headed the president’s security that day.

Ornato, a staunch Trump loyalist and former Secret Service veteran agent, claimed he would swear to deny Hutchinson’s testimony but has since refused. He recently announced his retirement, but argued it was long planned.

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