The video of the moment when a pregnant wife is forced to cut off her wedding ring has become very popular.

Over 440,000 people watched a popular clip posted by Vicky Logan that uses the TikTok @ handle.the victorious logan.

The video, with the caption: “You’ve waited too long for your wedding ring to be removed during pregnancy,” received over 30,500 likes.

We see Vicky trying various methods, such as lubricating her finger, before a jeweler cuts off her engagement ring and wedding band.

Archive photos of pregnant woman and hands with ring marks. The pregnant woman had no choice but to cut off her wedding ring.
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According to The Knot Jewelry and Engagement Study, in 2021, Americans spent an average of $ 6,000 on an engagement ring.

Among 5,000 adults aged 18-54, the results showed that the cost of the ring varies with the type of stone, with the average cost of a clear diamond engagement ring being $ 6,800, compared to an average of $ 2,500 for a gemstone. Comparing Millennials to Gen Z, Millennials spent $ 6,700 and Gen Z spent $ 4,100 on their engagement rings in 2021.

Vicky notes in the comments that she has been wearing the rings for eight years and states that she is “sad” that she did not take them off sooner.

She advised other pregnant women to take off their rings before it was too late.

Swelling in pregnancy is “normal” and not only the hands, but also the feet and waist can swell.

“Your body expands to accommodate the growing baby. Swelling of the feet, sometimes referred to as edema, affects about eight out of 10 pregnancies. It’s usually caused by increased fluid flow in your body, ”according to Verywell Family, an online source for parents.

The site recommends removing any rings as soon as you notice that you are having problems with their photo. But this does not mean that the rings need to be hidden, you can do the following with them:

  • Start wearing a ring that is not a full circle but has a break.
  • Wear rings over your necklace.
  • Pin the rings to your clothes with a pin. (Diaper pins can work too!)
  • Just give up the rings for a while.

Over 200 people commented on the post. The main comment received over 1,500 likes saying, “Welp sounds like a new ring / push gift. #thebrightside “

“Wait! People don’t take off their rings every day ??? I would never sleep with a ring on, ”another TikToker asked.

“Ommmggg Vicky, I know your heart hurts when you have to cut the ring,” sympathized another.

Another comment was, “This is my mark! Because I already took mine off because it felt tight, but I squeezed it back when I left. I’m officially taking them off. “

Newsweek contacted @victoriouslogan for comment. We were unable to verify the details of the case.

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