Floating houses, battered palm trees and other Hurricane Ian upheaval – the damage caused by an almost Category 4 storm that hit Florida is recorded and broadcast on social media in real time.

Here are some of the most annoying movies we’ve come across since Ian hit the Persian Gulf Coast of Florida.

Scenes like the one below, which Mike Seidel of The Weather Channel tweeted, were typical. It was in the wall of the eye, in the place of the greatest rainfall and the most damaging winds.

The Fort Myers Beach movie showed houses floating away.

There were several sinister-looking shots of Tampa’s naked bay as Ian sucked all the water out.

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Meteorologists said it is almost guaranteed to be re-delivered as a storm wave when the wind changes.

By the time Ian formally hit land, the storm wave was already approaching, as shown in this video from EarthCam. Commentators were quick to note that people should never flock to the pier when a hurricane approached.

The only thing sillier than standing on a pier in a hurricane is … stepping into the water?

This footage, condensed from a street camera, showed the speed at which the storm was moving. Commentators familiar with the area said it is over a mile inland.

This footage of Tampa’s Skyway Bridge said it all.

“I literally couldn’t hold out against the wind,” said Venice resident Mark Pritchett Press association via SMS, shortly after the hurricane hit the shore about 35 miles south of it, near the protected barrier island of Cayo Costa, west of Fort Myers. “The rain that shoots like needles. My street is a river. Limbs and trees down. And the worst is yet to come.

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