WASHINGTON – Senator Joe Manchin (DW.Va.) on Tuesday abandoned pressure to speed up the licensing process for energy projects under the government’s financing package, bowing to the bipartisan opposition that has been making intricate efforts to pass a pre-tax spending bill the year ends by midnight on Friday.

Removing the permit rules is likely to make it much easier to pass the spending bill, which will keep the government in place until mid-December and provide more aid to Ukraine.

Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer announced the removal of the energy reserves shortly before the Senate held its first test vote on funding Tuesday night. It was clear that with the Manchin plan, the Democrats were far short of the 60 votes needed to proceed.

While lawmakers are waiting again for the last moments of the fiscal year to keep the government moving, they are confident they will. Neither party is interested in a suspension ahead of the critical November 8 mid-term election to determine which party is responsible for the House and Senate.

The Democrat spending measure unveiled this week provides approximately $ 12.3 billion in Ukraine-related aid, including training, equipment, weapons and direct financial support to the Ukrainian government. The aid would be supplemented by about $ 53 billion that Congress has already approved in the two previous bills.


The measure rules out a White House call to spend $ 22 billion on COVID-19 response and $ 3.9 billion to fight the monkey pox outbreak. Republican lawmakers strongly opposed health care financing. At least 10 Republican senators would need to support this measure to overcome procedural obstacles and advance in this house.

The most controversial piece of legislation was Manchin’s plan to streamline the permitting process for energy projects and facilitate the pipeline project in his home state and Virginia.

Manchin confirmed in a statement that he had asked Schumer to remove the permitted language from the bill. He said he believed that “we should never come close to the brink of a policy-related suspension.”

“It is unfortunate that members of the US Senate are allowing politics to threaten our nation’s energy security,” Manchin said.

Both houses of Congress must pass the rules by Friday, the end of the fiscal year, to prevent a partial government shutdown. He is the last piece of unfinished business for lawmakers ahead of the mid-term elections in November. Both sides are willing to take stock and spend time on the campaign path, reducing the risk of federal downtime.

Manchin, chairman of the Senate’s energy committee, has secured a pledge from President Biden and Democratic leaders to vote on the permit package in return for endorsing a groundbreaking bill to curb climate change.

While Republicans have expressed support for streamlining the licensing process for energy projects, some, including Republican leader Mitch McConnell, have rushed to the effort.

“What our Democratic colleagues have created is a bogus fig leaf that would actually undo the cause of a real permitting reform,” McConnell said Tuesday at a Senate meeting.

McConnell said he would vote against the short-term spending bill if it contained Manchin’s legislation and encouraged others to vote ‘no’, which is a strong signal to GOP lawmakers.

Other Republicans have made it clear that they agree with McConnell’s position.

Alabama Senator Richard Shelby, a leading Republican on the Senate’s resources committee, said he would vote against the resolution being continued if it was upheld.

“We have made significant progress towards a further solution that is as clean as possible. But if the Democrats insist on reforming, I will oppose it, ”Shelby said.

Leading democratic appropriators also said they were dissatisfied with the inclusion of Manchin’s proposal, but said keeping the government moving was a priority.

“I am disappointed that an unrelated permit reform has been attached to this bill. It is a controversial issue that should be the subject of a substantive debate, ”said Senator Patrick Leahy, Democratic Chairman of the Senate’s Resources Committee. “With four days left in the fiscal year, however, we cannot risk shutting down the government; we need to work to get this project forward.

The Mountain Valley pipeline sought by Manchin ran through Virginia for approximately 100 miles. Manchin’s plan would speed up the pipeline and bring legal cases to another federal court.

Senator Tim Kaine (D-Va.) Said he was opposed to the accelerated revision of the pipeline and would vote against the package if it included the language of the pipeline, another sign that lawmakers did not have the 60 votes needed to move forward.

“We should adopt a continuous resolution that is free from an unprecedented and dangerous pipeline deal,” said Kaine.

Disaster relief included in the Act includes $ 2.5 billion to help New Mexico communities recover from the Hermit / Calf Canyon fire, the largest fire in state history; $ 2 billion for a block grant program that helps economic recovery in communities hit by recent disasters, and $ 20 million for improvements to plumbing infrastructure previously approved for Jackson, Miss.

The bill would also provide an additional $ 1 billion for a program that helps low-income households afford to heat their homes.

Strengthening support for Ukraine has broad, cross-party support. The law provides $ 4.5 billion to help the Ukrainian government provide basic civic services and authorizes the president to collect $ 3.7 billion worth of equipment from US stocks to support the Ukrainian armed forces. There is also money to replenish US stocks of equipment and ammunition sent to Ukraine, and to provide Ukraine with intelligence support and training.

“As Russia is holding false elections to annex parts of Ukraine, the Ukrainians urgently need our support to continue to protect their families and defend global democracy,” said Connecticut representative Rosa DeLauro, Democratic Chair of the Home Appropriation Committee.

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