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Seth Meyers embarrasses Trump for boring the crowd at his rally.

For the first time From March 2020, Seth Meyers welcomed the studio audience live. Late at night on Monday. And he took the opportunity to ridicule Donald Trump for seemingly disgusting with the crowd at his weekend rally.

The host said during his latest “A Closer Look” section, “I’m so happy to be back in front of an audience. And I’m just hoping my audience is a little more excited than Trump’s audience.”

Noting that Trump went to a rally in Iowa on Saturday in which he “repeated the same lies about the election that he has been repeating for months” repeatedly made nonsense.

As footage of Trump being played as he thought he was defeating Joe Biden before he was defeated, C-Spain cameras saw his crowd staring blankly into space and applauding. Failed to respond.

“Wow, and I was worried about bringing the audience back,” Meyers replied. Will he do anything?

“And you can tell that Trump was waiting for the crowd to respond,” he added. “I mean, look at that. It’s like watching an open mic night at the Senior Center.

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