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SF Giants-Dodgers Game 5 Tickets: The Giants website is still on sale.

In the era of the secondary ticket market, it is no surprise that seats are available for all the giant-winning showdowns with the Dodgers in NLDS Game 5 on Thursday night.

Surprisingly, the Giants website itself is offering tickets until Wednesday morning, meaning the game is not yet sold out at Oracle Park.

The biggest game in the history of hostilities – or at least the biggest game since 1962 – one would expect fans to snatch tickets as soon as they become available. But it wasn’t until the Dodgers won Tuesday night that the game would be played, and defaulted fan bases aren’t the fastest to buy tickets.

Low attendance was sometimes a point of contention during the regular season as the fan base looked as surprised as the rest of the baseball players at the Giants’ success. San Francisco ranked 12th among all MLB clubs in both total and per-game attendance.

By 10 a.m. Wednesday, they were there. Pairs of tickets are available. Around Ballpark, but only on the upper deck, between $ 299 per seat (right field reserve) and $ 345 (Enfield reserve). There were also a few tickets for single attendees at the Left Field Reserve and Outfield Bleachers.

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