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SF Giants Dowell’s six-out save in NFDS holds a special place in the history of fraud.

LOS ANGELES – San Francisco Giants defender Camilo Doval has eased the pressure since his call-up on Sept. 5. The biggest stage so far

Dowell’s save marked the first time to save the Giants’ 1-0 win over the Los Angeles Dodgers on Monday night, which saved two plus innings in the post-season without permission for twenty seasons since the 1969 save Became a government state. Status LLC

He needed 15 pitches to get through the eighth inning, his fastball dodgers hitting 100mph per hour to stop the lineup and save a one-run lead. He needed only six words to convince manager Gabby Kepler that he could go to ninth.

“I called him Papa, I’m ready,” he told Kepler. Although Gavin Lux’s pinnacle line drive looked like it could tie the game, the winds knocked it over La Monte Wade Jr.’s glove to end the game and seal Doval’s history.

I feel very proud, very lucky, and I appreciate the fact that the manager trusts me to pitch in this situation, “Dowell said after the game.” In fact, I really I enjoy pitching in all kinds of sports. ”

The records did not stop there.

Since Bobby Jenkins made his debut for the Chicago White Sox in the 2005 ALDS, a rookie has saved six outs in the postseason. Doval has joined a special club of five stops, after which he recorded two-plus innings savings in a post-season game after becoming a seven-state official. Todd Warrell played for the St. Louis Cardinals in the 1985 World Series, including Dowell and Jenkins. Two members of the Cincinnati Reds Big Red Machine did the same: Rawley Eastwick at the 1975 NLCS and Don Glett at the 1970 NLCS.

The season’s second save since Doyle’s career was the second time the 24-year-old had saved a post-season save for the Giants, while John Antonelli’s New York Giants won the 1954 World Series title in Game 4 of the Cleveland Indians. ۔ According to MLB statistics.

Turning to the major leagues from Triple-A this year, Doval got stuck on his fifth call-up in September. Dowell has not allowed a single run in 15 games since September 5, holding the opposing Hutters to seven hits, three walks with 20 strikeouts in 14 1/3 innings. Dowell won the National League Reliever of the Month award. He showed every hint that post-season heroics was in his DNA.

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