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SF Giants fail to stop Dodgers, NLDS game set for Thursday 5th.

LOS ANGELES – The division race was epic, the playoff match-up is historic and the next match between the two best teams in the Major is bound to be one for ages.

With a 7-2 defeat at the hands of the Dodgers in Game 4 of the NLDS in Los Angeles on Tuesday, the Giants brought the first playoff series of the modern era between rivals, with all the winners in Game 5 on Thursday night. In Oracle Park on the beach

After stunning the Dodgers and Ax Max Scherzer with a 1-0 victory in Game 3 on Monday, the Giants returned to the Diamonds on Tuesday in one of the biggest victories in the history of hostilities moving from New York to California. Is one of Back in 1958

His efforts became completely flat.

All-star right-hander Walker Boehler returned to short rest and completed 4 1/3 innings of a one-run ball for the Dodgers, while Giants veteran Anthony Deslafani recorded just five outs in a performance for which manager Gabby Kepler Had to treat as many people as possible. More than 52,935 spectators at the inefficient relief parade.

A Giants lineup that relies on its pitching staff to cover the recent struggle could not hide Tuesday as the offense wasted several early chances to put pressure on the Dodgers team while against their back wall. Proves to be the best.

After the Giants won Game 3 1-0 on Monday, Kepler immediately announced that Descalfani would launch Game 4 on Tuesday. The right-handed player posted a 7.33 ERA in six starts against the Dodgers this year, but the Giants believe that Disclafani’s six shut-out innings against Los Angeles on September 3 exceeded his potential on May 23. There is a hint in which he gave. The top 10 in his career scored more than 2/3 innings.

Early in the first playoff of his career, the seventh-year veteran failed to get out of the second inning.

De Scalafani allowed Corey Sager a single in the first innings and the RBI allowed Triya Turner to double before three more hits and a sacrificial fly for Chris Taylor in the second innings. Everyone inside Dodger Stadium could tell that the contact was high, the swings were fast and the night was short for a pitcher who performed at the All-Star Caliber level against every opponent except the Dodgers.

Unfortunately for Kepler, his post-starter relief did not improve his situation.

The Giants took the third wicket in the hope that rookie Kervin Castro could potentially throw several innings, but he faced two of those three batsmen before the captain moved in favor of Jarlin Garcia. Garcia’s command faltered as he continued to walk and missed the plate against Taylor, but a catch by Lamonte Wade Jr. in front of the left field wall saved several runs and kept the Giants’ deficit at 2-0.

In the fourth inning, Bates hit a ball that no Giants outfielder could track.

After Bohler’s error on Garcia Fielding, Bates pulled a fastball into the outer corner of the right field wall to give Los Angeles a 4-0 lead.

Garcia’s struggles once again forced Kepler to go to the ballpark as Dominic Lyon became the team’s fifth pitcher in the first four innings. Like the others who stood in front of him, Command Issues cost Leon one run as he released a lead of the walk in the fifth before Cody Blinger single and batters sacrificed Tyler Rogers to take the Dodgers lead. Increased to 5-1.

The Giants put up a pair of runs at the RBI’s ground out, but the line-up will definitely need to perform better on Thursday when the Dodgers turn to left-hander Julio Urias, the winner of Game 2 of the series. Was

With their season on the line, Kepler and the Giants will meet 24-year-old Logan Webb, one of the Major’s best horses in the second half and the starter who led them to victory in the NL West. The last day of the regular season and in Game 1 of this series.

After tossing 7 2/3 shutout innings against the Dodgers on Friday, Webb will play the biggest game of his life for his third start. The Rockleans have won each of their last two Tests, but will pitch for the first time on Thursday when the Giants have no margin of error.

The 107-winning giants and the 106-winning dodgers have pushed each other to the brink. As the teams return to San Francisco, one of the greatest chapters in the history of hostilities is going to be one of the most memorable.

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