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SF giants on the verge of ‘special’ success in NFDS vs. Dodgers

LOS ANGELES – When Giants manager Gabby Kepler wrote his line-up for Game 4 of the NLDS on Tuesday, Chris Bryant was slated to start in his fourth different position in the series.

Bryant played left field on Friday, center field on Saturday, first base on Monday and now he will play right against Dodgers starter Walker Boehler, who is taking a short break for the first time in his major league career.

Bryant may be one of the big stars who is ready to move from position to position on a daily basis, but he is in no hurry to settle down.

“It’s never been important to me, and it never will be,” Bryant said Tuesday. “I don’t mind, it’s just a little bit more thinking, a little bit more work, just in terms of getting ready for the game. But, no, I like it randomly, it puts me on my feet. , I enjoy it.

The former Chicago Cabs Great was third baseman at the start of his career, but this year, Bryant has played six different positions, including five with the Giants. The pending free agent has only played in San Francisco for two and a half months, but in many ways, he is a symbol of the 2021 giants’ morality.

Kepler and Farhan Zaidi, president of baseball operations, have emphasized the importance of versatility and flexibility, as Bruce Bucci was hired as a manager to succeed and when the club acquired Bryant, it was to adopt the model of the giants. It took about 30 seconds.

“My first meeting with Chris when we got him from Cabs, he said, ‘I’ll play any position,'” Kipler said. “I’ll hit anywhere in the lineup.” I just want to help this team win. And that’s what he’s done since the acquisition. He has played in many positions.

Bryant had a tough September at Plate and Field, but has had critical success in the NLDS, including a solo home run from Boiler in Game 1 of the series that helped keep the Dodgers starter out of the game. ۔ On Monday, Bryant made his Giants debut in the first base, which was crucial on a fast night when the club took advantage of their best defensive outfielder, Steven Dogger, patrolling the outfield at Dodger Stadium.

“He’s been very flexible,” Kepler said. “And that’s good because you get a bat of that quality, and just knowing they can play anywhere and they’re ready to go gives us the flexibility to do a lot of other things.”

Since arriving in San Francisco, Bryant has not played at the level of a superstar as he did with the Cabs early in his career, but he has lengthened the Giants’ line-up, giving Kepler new defensive combinations. Gave freedom to search and helped the club reach the shore. Another “special” success.

On the verge of eliminating the Dodgers, who have won 106, the Giants, who have won 107, could end their opponents’ season with a road victory.

“They all came together at the right time and later won 107 and now we’re in that position, the division series,” Bryant said. “This is special for this group.”

At various points during Kepler’s pre-game press conference on Tuesday, Kepler highlighted the selflessness and the first mentality of the team in which his players expected some people on this long journey. He pointed to Bryant’s positional versatility, Tommy La Stella’s willingness to pull himself out of Game 3 because of the inconvenience of the left Achilles and the ball for multiple innings at a time due to reliefs like Taylor Rogers and Camilo Dowell. Because of taking.

Back in July, when the biggest division race in major league history was about to begin, Zaidi and general manager Scott Harris decided to upgrade their roster and determine the best way to give the Giants a chance to win the World Series. Surrounded the league.

As the trade deadline approached, the giants settled Bryant, who didn’t necessarily come out, but he did a great job of mixing. For this repetition of giants, this is a promotion.

Kepler said, “The fact that we’ve been looking at this kind of companion style up and down, and we’ve had it for a long time, I don’t think it’s unique, it’s a very extreme word. But it’s rare. ” .

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