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SF Giants shake up lineup for NLDS Game 2 vs. Dodgers.

SAN FRANCISCO – A Giants team that convinced the NDLS to win the Game 1 Dodgers 4-0 will use a different lineup against Los Angeles South Pau Julio Urias on Saturday.

The three right-handed hitters who started Friday’s game on the bench – Darren Ruff, Austin Slater and Donovan Solano – will all start on Saturday against Urias, a 3.38 ERA in five against San Francisco during the regular season. Went ahead 2-1 with.

Changes to the Giants lineup were expected for a club that has used different lineups against right and left handed pitchers all season.

Game of Thrones 2 lineup.

  1. Darren Rove, L.F.
  2. Chris Bryant, C.F.
  3. Austin Slater, RF.
  4. Buster Posey, c.
  5. Wilmer Flores.
  6. Brendan Crawford.
  7. Avon Langoria, 3b.
  8. Donovan Solano, 2b.
  9. Kevin Gaussman

The majority of the Dodgers’ best relievers are right-handed, so Giants manager Gabby Kepler could be used by starters from Friday’s game, such as Tommy La Stella, Mike Easter Zemsky and La Monte Wade Jr. when injured. Turn to Belpan.

Only a handful of giants will be central to the team’s starting line-up during the playoffs, but those who enjoy strong performances in Game 1. Veterans Buster Posey, Brendan Crawford and Chris Bryant all went home on Friday, a big sign for all three. The Giants will be heavily dependent on aggressive production in October.

Right-hander Kevin Gosman will start Game 2 for the Giants when 24-year-old Logan Webb made the best start to the franchise’s post-season history on Friday. Webb threw 7 2/3 scoreless innings, beat 10 Dodgers and did not allow a walk in a powerful outing that came in the 13th shutout win.

Gossman made three starts against the Dodgers this season, posting a 3.21 ERA in 14 innings.

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