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SF Giants’ Wood’s path to Game 3 start vs Dodgers

LOS ANGELES – Save for a discussion on fantasy football, Alex Wood didn’t talk late with his old Dodgers teammates. Animosity can have an effect on him, although the roster stands with the close friendship he developed during his five seasons in Los Angeles.

That friendship will land on Monday in a strange area where Alex Wood will start for the San Francisco Giants in Game 3 against his old team. Trying to Wood, 30, 1-1 in the National League Division Series, has one of his best seasons towards the Giants, but he knows the Dodgers know him and his stuff better than anyone.

“They know me very well,” Wood said. “They do a great job of preparing, especially at this time of year.”

A cursory look at Wood’s numbers against the Dodgers this season: The 4.76 ERA starts at three with 1.353 WHIP and five home runs allowed against his old team. But two of them started in May, the third in July.

The Dodgers appear to be leaning against the left-handed lineup on Monday. Albert Pujol, 41, will start at first base for left-handed batsman Betty. Dodgers manager Dave Roberts has announced that Cody Bellinger, an MVP left-arm outfielder, will fight last year.

The Dodgers know Wood well – and they must have seen him well earlier this year. But Wood has been one of the Giants’ strongest hands this season with a 3.83 ERA and a 10-4 record at 26 starts. Most importantly, he produces a 50.8% groundball rate and 0.91 home runs per nine innings, a perfect combination to deal with the Dodgers, who have been on the injury list since Max Mansi. Struggling to find the power stroke.

Gibby Kepler, manager of the Giants, said Wood’s preparation and competitive nature adds an extra edge.

He said he was thinking about playing for four, five, six days or more. “And everything he’s done at the beginning of the day is well-designed and he didn’t miss a beat. I think he’s a great example of how we want a young pitcher to own Establish routine.

The giants will hope to take this success to the NLDS line. His work with the Giants’ coaching staff this season has helped him become the boy in the new team.

Fighting with the Cowboys 19 in September disrupted a great season for Wood, who gives a good chunk of his success and consistency this season to the coaching staff who helped him make key adjustments and accelerate the impact. ۔ Earlier this year, Wood was losing his grip on the hill, and pitching coach Andrew Bailey, assistant pitching coach JP Martinez and pitching director Brian Benster took action. After the conversation, Bannister texted Wood an overlay of the video showing how he lost his currency and the group planned to correct it.

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