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Shiite militia arrives in US as Iraqi refugee

An Iraqi man admitted to immigration fraud last week that he lied about his past as a member of an Iranian-funded Shiite militia seeking asylum in the United States. deceived.

Chaseib Hafeez Saadoun al-Fawadi entered the United States in 2016, when then-President Obama was pushing for the resettlement of tens of thousands of refugees from the Middle East, amid allegations that the system was failing to properly screen them.

As the United States opens its arms to tens of thousands of Afghans, al-Wadi’s case raises new questions about its ability to investigate requests from federal authorities and eliminate dangerous or otherwise unwanted immigrants.

Al-Wawadi obtained refugee status for himself and his family, claiming that he had been persecuted by the Companions for refusing to help them abduct Sunni Muslims.

In fact, he has admitted in court that he actually joined the militia, which US officials say is funded by Iran and that he carried out violent attacks on US troops and kidnapped Iraqis and Westerners alike. Is known to do.

“Al-Fawadi lied to US officials that he had carried out attacks in Iraq and Syria in Iranian-backed militias,” said Tony Bacon, the acting U.S. attorney for northern New York. The allegations were made last year.

Al-Fawadi filed a criminal complaint last week in a federal fraud case. He is still facing charges of first-degree rape in New York.

U.S. officials have long struggled to track down immigrants fleeing terrorism and sectarian violence.

Mr Obama pledged to bring tens of thousands of Syrians and Iraqis as refugees in 2015 and 2016 as the country escaped civil war and fighting against the Islamic State. At the time, top security officials warned that it would be difficult to fully screen the migrants because of the difficulty in verifying the situation and dates in the country.

Former President Trump won the post by promising “extreme scrutiny” for these countries, effectively shutting down the people’s pipeline.

His successor, President Biden, has stepped in to reopen Spaghetti, and as he struggles to complete and run the refugee program, tens of thousands of Afghans have served as a preliminary test for his administration. Are giving

Although billed as refugees assisting the U.S. war effort, the more than 60,000 people who have already been flown to the United States are in fact unable to apply for asylum. , And some have been granted special visas to assist US troops.

Instead, he has been placed under the “parole” authority of Homeland Security Secretary Alexandro Murcas. He insists national security and law enforcement officials are investigating him abroad. But the department has been reluctant to disclose what is involved in these checks.

The Washington Times has revealed that one convicted rapist and the other a perverted thief, both former exiles, managed to return to the United States on Afghan evacuation flights.

Investigators, meanwhile, are investigating reports of an attack on a male soldier at an Afghan holding center in New Mexico, and prosecutors have charged two men with sexual offenses at another center in Wisconsin.

One of them is accused of killing his wife.

Al-Fawadi, an Iraqi refugee, is facing charges of raping and strangling his wife, according to a New York County onondaga county.

She also filed for divorce and won a decree last October.

According to court documents, he applied for asylum for himself and his family while living in Turkey in 2015. They were approved and resettled a year later, among the 9,880 Iraqis who entered the United States in 2016.

In the just-ended fiscal year 2021, only 500 Iraqi refugees were admitted, most of them following Mr Biden’s commitment to take office and increase the number of refugees.

Al-Fawadi’s lies were that he was never outside Iraq and Turkey, when he was actually in Iran, Syria and Jordan. He also refused to be part of a paramilitary unit, but trained and served with the Ahl al-Haq.

Once approved as a refugee, he traveled to New York, and in 2017, after waiting the desired year, he applied for a green card.

As part of that process, he sat down for two interviews with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services in 2019, two years later.

On the other, he admitted that he had worked as a police officer but had previously concealed the fact that the United States would not accept him. [me] “Come to the United States, if the authorities knew. He kept his militia ties secret.”

The court documents did not say how the Obama administration’s initial investigation failed to flag down al-Fawadi, nor how officials were able to uncover his scam.

In a handwritten letter to a federal judge over the summer, al-Fawadi said he was anxious not to be deported.

“I think I’ve made mistakes since I was here in the United States, and I need to take responsibility for moving in the right direction,” he wrote.

The State Department suspended a program for Iraqi immigrants earlier this year following a plan to steal large-scale secret case files and refugee applications, then pass the information on to others in the system. Used for help.

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