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Shipps has eased EU legislation for truck drivers to deal with the post-Brexit HGV crisis.

EU truck drivers will be allowed unlimited pick-up and drop-off on British roads as ministers have temporarily relaxed rules to ease the supply crisis.

Secretary Transport Grant Shapes has changed the limits of trade rights to allow further shipments.

Mr Ships hopes the rebates will help alleviate fuel and food shortages as complaints grow on empty shelves.

To alleviate the crisis and reduce it – a nationwide issue that has been raised in the UK by Bridget – consultations are being held on the rights of companies to “cabotage”.

The White House is proposing to expand them to strengthen the supply chain and prevent stores from running out of goods or raising prices.

Cabotage rules govern the movement of goods or passengers within a country through another country’s transport operator.

Currently only two visits between two UK destinations can be made within a week coming from the EU.

These measures will allow foreign operators to unload an unlimited number of cargoes within two weeks before returning to their country of origin.

If approved after a week of consultation, the proposals will be implemented before the end of the year and will continue for six months.

Mr Shops said: “The long-term response to the supply chain problems we are currently facing is to promote a highly skilled, high-wage economy here in the UK.

“Along with other measures to help the road transport industry, we have streamlined the testing process and announced thousands of skilled boat camps to train new drivers.

“These new initiatives are working – we are seeing three times more applications than usual for HGV driving licenses, as well as a wage increase.”

“The temporary changes we are consulting on to the consultation rules will also ensure that foreign owners in the UK can use their time more efficiently and have more goods in the supply chain in times of high demand. Can move. ”

The government said the cabotage changes would apply to all types of goods but would be “particularly beneficial” for imports from food supply chains and ports.

Retailers fear that the ongoing supply chain crisis will push prices higher and empty shelves in December.

Because of the cargo construction at Felix Stowe, the shipping company Maersk has chosen to remove the ships from the port of Suffolk, while similar lodges have been seen elsewhere in the world, including in the United States.

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