Should I let all the in-laws go while I give birth?

Dear Amy: Me and my fiancee are expecting our first child next month. During a visit three months ago, her mother announced that she would be present for the birth. At that time we didn’t even talk about the delivery of the baby, let alone those coming home or in the hospital.

We agreed to it, but now I am annoyed by his announcement and also insisted on the idea of ​​his big family being with us in those early days.

I don’t like overcrowding when I’m stressed, and he has a big and agile family.

I know they want to welcome our daughter into the world and help, but I’m not looking forward to it.

I personally want to breastfeed and connect with my new family without breathing down people’s throats.

I thought I could compromise by betting that adults are welcome, but young children are not. I told this to an old friend of mine, who said that I was being selfish to exclude the kids and that they would be offended for years to come.

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