A board-certified gynecologist / obstetrician shared his view on visiting the hospital after giving birth, and her now viral video sparked a conversation among viewers.

Dr. Christine Sterling dispatched videowho amassed a million views in which she shared her view on visiting the hospital after delivery.

“Unpopular opinion of a gynecologist / obstetrician,” she said at the beginning of her video. “No one, unless they really want to, shouldn’t see visitors to the hospital after giving birth. That’s a lot, everyone. “

Above, there is a photo of newly-minted parents with a child in the hospital. Obstetrician / Gynecology has gone viral due to her “unpopular opinion” about postpartum hospital visitors.
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According to Lancaster General Health, there is no set schedule when new parents should receive visitors and whether they should come to the hospital. A lot of it comes down to how they feel and what they feel comfortable with.

“Remember that bringing life into the world is a lot of hard work, and you deserve a break and start motherhood,” said the hospital. “Between feeding, changing diapers and the nurses and doctors checking you and your baby, a lot happens during your stay.”

Young parents are also advised to consider germs and their own recovery before allowing visitors to see themselves and their baby.

Sterling developed his opinion in an email sent to Newsweek, pointing out that people describe the birth of their baby as “traumatic”.

“A birth is an extremely physically and emotionally stressful event,” she said. “Getting people to visit your baby and talk to you while you are bleeding, coping with urinary incontinence, breastfeeding, pain, etc. Often it is bad for healing, disrupting relationships, and disrupting sleep.”

Sterling’s opinion sparked a discussion among viewers, some of whom did not agree with her message.

“Am I the only person who would rather have hospital visitors than the revolving door where people stop when I get home?” the viewer wondered.

“I like having guests,” wrote another TikTok user. “I have a large family and they support me a lot. My husband’s family is also very committed. “

“I love attracting visitors,” we read in the commentary. “Days can be boring.”

While some disagreed with the idea of ​​the hospital being banned, many disagreed with Sterling.

“Third birth … I didn’t tell anyone my baby was born until we were HOME,” said one viewer. “Best Experience Ever.”

“I love our lonely time to bond,” we read in one of the comments. “People were able to visit when I was home and comfortable.”

“Same opinion from ex [labor and deliver] RN, now [certified nurse midwife]”Wrote another viewer. “COVID restrictions have helped our moms sleep, breastfeed, and recover peacefully. They loved it too. “

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