Siblings lose both unrelated parents to Covid-19 in less than 48 hours

by David Williams | CNN

Bob and Sue Walker were inseparable during more than 44 years of marriage and called each other “partners” and “matties” because they were soulmates, their adult children told CNN.

they died of covid-19 During the holidays on different floors in an Arizona hospital.

“They were really, really a couple, you know. I mean, nothing could have come between them,” 40-year-old daughter Stephanie Walker told CNN. “And, unfortunately, Covid took both of them. Took within 46 hours of each other.”

The couple learned they had COVID-19 just before Thanksgiving – Sue was tested in hospital while being treated for what they thought was had a COPD flare-up And Bob did a home test when his wife tested positive.

He died a few days later in a Phoenix-area hospital — Sue on November 30 and Bob on December 2.

“It happened very quickly,” Stephanie’s twin sister, Charissa Walker, told CNN.

Neither of his parents had been vaccinated and they both had health issues, said 42-year-old son Jonathan Walker. He said that his father had earlier had kidney problems and other health issues and recently a part of his leg was amputated due to complications from diabetes.

Covid-19 has killed at least 830,788 people in the United States and infected about 57.2 million, According to data from Johns Hopkins University on January 5, hospitalizations as an Omicron type spread in the United States and US Surgeon General Dr Vivek Murthy said: That most hospitalized patients are not vaccinated and promoted.

Jonathan said his father had to go on a ventilator because of his condition, but his mother was improving – she was able to walk around, walk to the bathroom and even get some food from Taco Bell asked because she was hungry.

She was able to talk and wave and in a video the sisters held an I love you sign with their hands, taken just 24 hours before her passing.

The siblings set up a FaceTime call between their parents so Sue can talk to Bob and see how he’s doing.

She said that her mother looked on the phone as if she was in a trance when she saw her father for the first time.

“Then she came out of it and was like, ‘Man, you better be. We have to go home for Christmas, dude,'” he said. “I really think my mom was heartbroken at that moment. “

His condition worsened and he died the next day. Charissa said that as she passed by, she reached there to hold his hand.

“My heart just broke into a billion pieces, but I was glad I was able to be with him,” she said.

Jonathan said that his parents were “fat as thieves” and that they would fight, but he praised them for being together, no matter how hard things got.

“My parents loved each other. There was no doubt about it,” he said. “They kept on fulfilling their vows until death separated us.”

“Death didn’t even separate them,” Charissa said. “And I hope I find love like them.”

The holidays were tough for the family.