Sideline chatter: Alabama tried to sign Gator to keep it away from Florida

They take their pigskin seriously in SEC country, ya think?

In South Florida’s Big Cypress National Preserve, an alligator was photographed with a football in its mouth.

Upon further review, Gator was judged to be in possession—all four feet down and it made a football move—but, then, who’s going to tell him he wasn’t?


• Feather@NOTSportsCenter: “BREAKING: Due to LeBron James being eliminated from playoff contention, ESPN has officially canceled the 2022 NBA playoffs.”

• From comic writer Paul Lander via Twitter: “BREAKING: Herschel Walker traded in Minnesota for 10 Republican Senate candidates.”

pregnant break

MLB suspends Brewers catcher Pedro Severino after he tested positive for clomiphene, a drug used to treat female infertility.

He would miss 80 games or well in the second quarter of the season.

Look, mom, no weapons

The spring-training finale between the Tigers and Orioles was canceled due to a lack of available pitching.

So, when is Venus de Milo Bobblehead Night?

save the Date

The Diamondbacks’ Seth Beer hit a game-winning homer on Thursday that — naturally — hit National Beer Day.

Shoihei Otani fan alert: Sunday is National Unicorn Day.

flipping off

A video went viral of Edmonton Elks receiver Shai Ross holding a barbell weighing 10 pounds on either side, landing on his feet after a back flip without hands.

The back-shoulder throw should be a piece of cake.

As seen in Revelation?

It’s not exactly the lion lying down with a lamb of biblical proportions, but the Yankees and the Mets pulled off business with each other last week.

For the first time since 2004.

short take

Watching the Twins’ 5-foot-7 pitching coach, Wes Johnson, tour the mound, we have to ask: Did he say “Little Big League?” Was the sequel filmed?

tapped out

According to MLB Network’s John Heyman, the Oakland A’s have the same payroll — $33 million — as they did in 1991, when they led the major leagues.

If this year’s team inspires any movie, it’s probably “no-moneyball.”

are talking

• Birmingham (Ala.) podcaster Ryan Brown, down 15 on the Jayhawks at halftime of the NCAA men’s title game on Monday night: “It was a big mistake to send Kansas Football to play in the first half.”

• Janice Huff Off “There are relationships that don’t last until the last two minutes of a close college basketball game.”

Nice try

Major League Baseball corrected the use of a “pitchcom”, an electronic device in which a catcher can signal pitches – pitch type and location – directly to the pitcher via a listening device.

However, MLB declined the Astros’ request to park the AWAC’s truck next to the dugout.

Quotation mark

• Times reader Rod Madden, on Royals pitcher Jonah DiPotto – son of Seattle GM Jerry – playing a 1-2-3 Cactus League innings against the Mariners: “There is no truth to the rumor that any Mariner gets hit in the minors. to be sent?”

• Nick Canepa of the San Diego Union-Tribune, Chiefs almost doing business with the Jets on Tyreek Hill: “Until they were told it wasn’t Winnipeg.”

• RJ Curry Off SportsDeke.comOn Retiring Books coach Bruce Arian: “At least for the next 40 days.”

• Lakers center Anthony Davis tells reporters about his team’s problems this season: “We had more starting lineups than wins.”

hard court

Tennis great Boris Becker could face prison in England after being found guilty of illegally moving thousands of dollars out of his bank account after declaring bankruptcy in 2017.

Could be a costly code violation.

quote, end quote

• Mike Bianchi of the Lakers (Fla.) Sentinel expects coach Frank Vogel to be the scapegoat on the Lakers: “There’s only one person responsible for the Lakers’ poor performance this year, and it’s the general manager who has put this team together.” Kept – LeBron James.”

• Bob Molinaro in Norfolk Virginian-pilot, on the US World Cup opener the day after Thanksgiving: “For Americans, let’s hope it’s not Black Friday.”

• Tim Hunter of KRKO Radio, on why Baker is hoping to trade the Seahawks for Mayfield: “I mean, we’ll get the quarterback and someone to look after the stadium. Great deal!”

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