CLEMENTON, NJ (CBS) – Car enthusiasts from across the Philadelphia region will meet on Sunday at Clementon Lake Park for the car show. It doesn’t take much for the members of Sinister Mopar to rave about their car club.

“I love it man! I have some ground effects, ”said Christopher Allen, a member of Sinister Mopar.

“Some kids really like to listen to the engines spinning. Lots of kids really like the lights, ”said Frank Santiago, another member of the Sinister Mopar team.

“We are blessed to have such beautiful cars, so dedication to the community is the number one priority for most of our club members,” said Charles Warren, Sinister Mopar member.

“We decided to eat because you have to eat,” said Santiago.

Last year, Sinister Mopar held an auto show at Clementon Lake Park. They later called Dave Cornwell, a car enthusiast and director of Friends of Clementon Food Pantry.

“They came to me and said they had a tremendous amount of food that they want to give me,” Cornwell said. “So I said, ‘Ok, we’ll take it!’ And they said, “No, you don’t understand. That’s a huge amount of food. “

Like six tons! It was a godsend for the pantry, which provides food to nearly 600 households, including over 5,000 people. The pantry cooperates with the non-profit organization Collecting for a Cause.

“Dave and I are working together to bring him food events and raise awareness of what is happening locally,” said Mary Warren, founder of Collecting for a Cause. “Because many people are unaware that the people in your backyard are homeless or need help.”

Sinister Mopar will once again be gathering food at the Clementon Lake Park car show on Sunday from 10am to 1pm. They hope to double the amount of food they got last year.

“I’m very excited,” Allen said. “I think it will be even bigger than last year. It will be a great success and I can’t wait. ”

Participation in the Sunday Clementon Car Show is free. It’s part of a community day at Clementon Lake Park.

click here to learn more about the event.

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