Snow clearing begins in Philadelphia, Montgomery County

Montgomery County, Pa. (CBS) — Clean-up continues in Montgomery County after a blizzard snowed across the region on Friday morning. CBS3 was there as the crew started clearing the roadways.

Shop workers at the suburban square cleaned signs and awnings so that customers could beat the cold inside.

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Earlier in the morning, large and heavy clumps covered lawns, roads and sidewalks with about 2 to 3 inches of snow. By late afternoon, the crew began collecting snow to make way for drivers and shoppers.

Anxieties now turn to slippery roads; Ponds left by the ice will freeze overnight, forming icy asphalt.

For some people, despite the discomfort, fresh snow is just a part of the season.

“It wasn’t too bad, it was getting used to,” said Paul Schwartz of Bala Synvid. “I froze my hands while clearing the snow from my car, but today’s not so bad.”

This weekend the local kids are also getting a chance to get out on the snow and have some fun. In Philadelphia, however, the fun had already begun for a few lucky kids.

Philadelphia’s roads are now wet and muddy, which means the city’s drivers will also have to worry about snow.

Of course, the great part about the day — for a lot of kids — includes parks where they can go sledding or tubing.

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No matter how cold it is, it is never too cold for kids playing in the snow.

According to the National Weather Service, the city received 3.4 inches. That’s certainly enough for the people of Clark Park.

Children have been going up and down the hill. If anything, he’s getting a great workout.

Friday Not considered a snow day for Philadelphia public and Catholic school studentsBut families are making the best of it.

“I’m not out. I have a virtual school. But my lunch break has been extended because one of my teachers isn’t here,” Ziggy Bonarek of South Philadelphia told CBS3.

Melissa Conner said, “Teachers in Philadelphia should be off today. They’ve had the hardest week of their lives. It’s nice to be given a day off to work from home, but I want them to be with their kids.” , or rest.”

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CBS3’s Tammy Souza and Alessia Reid contributed to this report.

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