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Some Alaskan lawmakers have called for easier access to ivermectin.

Anchor, Alaska (AP) – Several Republican state lawmakers are pushing for easier access to Alaskan. ivermectin Between the epidemics, though ivermectin The US Food and Drug Administration is not authorized to prevent or treat Covid 19.

Senate Majority Leader Shelley Hughes of Palmer said he urged the government. Mike Dunley. And the state health commissioner will consider providing vitamins and medicines to Alaskan, including. ivermectin“Some Alaskan physicians are prescribing but pharmacies are not filling up.”

Three members of the Republican House testified. ivermectin At a recent State Pharmacy Board meeting, Alaska Public Media reported.

“Maybe the pharmacist could be instructed – or the wrong word could be instructed,” said Big Lake correspondent Kevin McCabe. “The patient and the doctor must decide.”

In a letter to members of the House after the meeting, the board’s chairman, Justin Refrigerate, a Kenyan peninsula pharmacist, noted the potential legal liability of pharmacists for medicines and said that pharmacists should be “professional”. Decisions are free to use when they fill out prescriptions. .

He said the board did not threaten the pharmacists’ license in the case but said there were reports of its misuse. ivermectin “Most prescriptions and pharmacists should explain the reason for the pause for the treatment of Covid 19.”

Ivermectin Approved for the treatment of certain infections caused by parasites in humans. Some vaccine suspicions have supported its use around COVID-19.

“Anyone who claims to make medical guidelines and doesn’t have a vaccine because their No. 1 recommended tool is spreading misinformation,” said Coleman Kitchens, a state pharmacist. “The vaccine is our number one medicine to prevent serious illness from this virus.”

The National Institutes of Health states that “there is insufficient evidence for a panel of guidelines for the treatment of Covid 19 to be used or against.” ivermectin The results of well-run, well-designed and well-run clinical trials are needed to provide more specific, evidence-based guidance on the role of COVID-19 in treatment. ivermectin In the treatment of covid 19

Yet people have gained access.

During a recent Pharmacy Board meeting, Chogyak rapist Ken McCarthy expressed concern about “making sure all medicines are essential in our state.” “We must allow doctors freedom, to treat their patients if they are making good clinical decisions,” Wesella spokesman Christopher Corca told board members.

McCabe said he has heard from doctors, physician assistants and nurses in his district who are frustrated “when they issue a prescription and the pharmacy does not fill it because it is ivermectin. ”

Refrigeration referred witnesses to the board’s review document, which highlights the joint position statement of three national medical and pharmacist groups that “strongly oppose” the proposal. ivermectin For COVID-19 out of clinical trial.

Dunn Levy’s spokesman Jeff Turner said the Republican governor “maintains that decisions about Cowade should be left between individuals and their doctor.” He also cited comments. Dunleavy Made earlier this year when asked about it. ivermectin.

“I know what ivermectin Yes – I had horses and mules, and you use it for wheat and other problems that horses and mules have, Dunleavy Said. “But as far as therapy is concerned, I haven’t heard of it.”

Dunleavy Covid was 19 earlier this year and was later vaccinated. They. Alaskins has been urged to vaccinate against COVID-19 but has also insisted it is a personal decision.

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