Sounders Defense launched the MLS . The top scoring team in the LAFC is almost closed

For the better part of 75 minutes, the Sounders defense remained strong. He applied constant pressure and limited the prolific attack of Los Angeles FC, who scored the most goals in Saturday afternoon’s competition in Major League Soccer with 29.

However, it didn’t last the whole game.

When a length ball was sent over the top just before the 80th minute, just behind Alex Roldan lost a header from his marker. Nouhou, who had fallen down the first order but was not awarded a foul, also lost the header to his marker. And keeper Stephen Frey was “kind of frozen,” said Sounders coach Brian Schmetzer.

Frey could only see that when LAFC’s Christian Arango’s deep header went over him, dipped under the bar and settled in the back of the net. Frey said that L.A. has “chance you at least expect them to score.”

“We played (well) until a few plays,” Schmetzer said when asked to evaluate the defense’s performance. “Overall, I think the team has defended quite well. I mean, he was going to get some chances.”

LAFC’s (10-3-2) goal is the fifth goal scored by the Sounders in the last 20 minutes of MLS competition this season. It spoiled what would have been only the third MLS clean sheet this season.

But the Sounders’ 80th-minute miss, which resulted in a 1–1 draw for LAFC on Saturday afternoon, along with several missed opportunities on the offensive end, meant they were one point from Saturday’s game at Lumen Field. came away with of three.

“I think we’re disappointed not to be able to pull it off,” Schmetzer said.

Defensively, much of Saturday’s competition is proof that the Sounders are clicking once again. He won the CONCACAF Champions League last month, and is working back towards form. He entered Saturday’s competition with a win in four of his last five MLS games.

Early in Saturday’s competition, Nuhou, left back, and Roldan, right back, did well to get back to track handling LAFC’s cross. On one, Roldan finds himself on the opposite edge but puts up an excellent sliding challenge to win the ball.

On another, Nouu showed a burst of speed to cut a pass and advance to midfield, which was applauded by the crowd. Both outside backs did well to cut the pass and move upwards when opportunities presented themselves on the offensive end.

When LAFC tried to turn to longball, or counter-attack in the first half, the Sounders adjusted. Roldan Jackson had a tackle with Regan before the LAFC attacker had time to shoot one-on-one.

And Frey was there too, saving the first half, where the ball hit him hard under the ribs and blew the air out for a few moments.

Frey said the defense did well during the first half, especially because LAFC is a high-pressure team that “tries to choke you” and capitalize on turnovers. Frey said that during the second half it did not last completely. The Sounders started getting tired and didn’t play with as much confidence from the back, he said.

Javier Arrega was another bright spot on the back line, delivering a well-placed first-half pass to Albert Rusnak in the middle of the field. Arrega regularly stood tall, on one occasion blocking a shot from LAFC star Carlos Vela and taking a pass.

But in the 74th minute, Arrega pulled his hamstring after stopping a pass. Schmetzer said he was not sure about the severity of Arega’s injury. The center back will have an MRI on Sunday.

Arrega was kicked out, and Noah moved to the middle, which is not his natural position. A few minutes later, Nuhou lost a header to Arango, and Los Angeles scored.

“It’s hard when you lose a center back; that’s where I have to do some reflection on my job as a coach,” Schmetzer said when looking to move Nuhou back to center instead of making a replacement. was asked about.

“We will assess it. I will consider my decision there and we will move forward.”

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