The outspoken conservative incendiary Steve Bannon hosted at least four election deniers War Room podcast since being convicted in October for contempting Congress.

Bannon’s sentence includes four months in prison and a $ 6,500 fine. He was initially found guilty on two occasions in July, but his sentence is much lighter than the six-month prison sentence and the $ 200,000 fine demanded by the Department of Justice.

Ever since he found out about his sentence, he has hosted Alex Jones, Pennsylvania State Representative Frank Ryan, Pennsylvania Governor Candidate Doug Mastriano, and Nevada Secretary of State, State Candidate Jim Marchant.

Marchant has been described by Politico as “a major proponent of the false claim that the 2020 elections were stolen.” If elected, elections in Nevada could change dramatically due to the elimination of postal voting, a reduction in early voting, and a change that could include manual counting of ballots.

Marchant claims on his website that he fell victim to electoral fraud when he ran for Congress in 2020. He praised the support of former President Donald Trump, Jim Jordan’s representative, Andy Biggs’s representative, Paul Gosar’s representative and the House of Liberty of the House of Representatives.

While attending Bannon’s podcast on Tuesday, Marchant spoke of the Republican “coalition” secretary of state candidates across the country that includes Kristina Karamo in Michigan and Mark Finchem in Arizona.

Karamo is the main plaintiff in a lawsuit brought against a Detroit official, claiming there are irregular voting patterns in the city and encouraging people to vote only in person or to collect ballots in person. Some Democrats view the process as racist for att*cking a city with a predominantly black population.

Finchem, who is allied with the conspiratorial group QAnon, has made many critical statements about the appropriateness of the 2020 elections. He won with double digits prior to the primary, and promised to amend Arizona’s electoral law if he could.

Former Trump White House senior adviser Steve Bannon speaks to journalists as he leaves federal court after being convicted on October 21 in Washington.
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Marchant told Bannon that “the coalition was formed to counter and reverse what George Soros and Harry Reid did in 2004.”

“If we get elected, they know exactly what awaits them – you know, their power. They will be deprived of power, Marchant told Bannon. “And that’s exactly what they know. And that’s why they are so afraid of what we do. “

He uninterrupted“Everywhere we have a candidate from our coalition, they just throw away a huge sum of money because they know they can’t win if we succeed.”

Marchant told NBC News earlier this year that he would not have ruled out support for Trump’s alternate electoral list had he been Secretary of State and Trump had been voting in 2024.

Marchant’s opponent, Democrat Cisco Aguilar, says on his website that “there are individuals and groups who are determined to take us back by making it harder to vote,” without mentioning Marchant’s name.

Gordon Brown, a spokesman for the Nevada State Democratic Party, said: Newsweek that it is the secretary of state’s job to “ensure that every Nevadan, regardless of party, has the right and the opportunity to express his voice.”

“Once again, we see Jim Marchant, the extremist candidate who sadly represents most of today’s republic, openly bragging about his plan to ignore election results with which he disagrees,” Brown said. “His wild conspiracy theories are more than just reckless, dangerous and baseless; they pose a direct threat to our democracy, both in Nevada and across the country. “

Mastriano was named by Philadelphia questionerwhich prompted Pennsylvania residents to vote for his opponent, Democrat Josh Shapiro.

Most recently, Mastriano joined many other conservative electoral deniers including Roger Stone, General Michael Flynn and Mike Lindell in an event that also backed up QAnon believers and COVID vaccine doubters.

On Friday’s program, Bannon encouraged a “call to arms” after a letter written by Frank Ryan which stated that 240,000 ballots had been sent to “unverified” voters in Pennsylvania.

Bannon, who urged Bolsonaro not to admit his election defeat in Brazil, was recently described by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban as “a true American patriot.”

Newsweek contacted Bannon, Marchant and Aguilar for comments.

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