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Steve Benn could face criminal charges: January 5 The committee took action to declare a former aide to Trump an insult.

Steve Benn is one step closer to committing criminal contempt.

The House committee investigating Capital January 6 said Thursday it plans to vote next week on whether former Trump adviser Steve Benn was arrested for criminal contempt for refusing to cooperate with the panel’s statement. Be done

Representative Benny Thompson, Miss, Chairperson of the Committee, Told CNN A meeting on the matter was scheduled for next Tuesday, according to House rules – and the members were “completely of one mind” that Benn should be sent for charges.

This is a sharp rise in the cat-and-mouse game the committee has been playing with longtime right-wing operatives, who said they would refuse to testify before the panel until the committee reached an agreement with the former president. Do not claim executive privileges – or court rules that must be complied with.

“We totally reject his position,” Thompson said of the decision.

He wrote in a statement on Thursday, “Mr Benn has refused to co-operate with the select committee and instead is hiding behind the former president’s inadequate, blanket and vague statements about the concessions he has made.” Had called. ” “The select committee will not tolerate any violation of our statements, so we must proceed with the proceedings to hand over Mr. Benn to criminal contempt.”

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This is not the first time Benin has denied a congressional inquiry. He similarly stoned delegates during the House inquiry into the Trump campaign’s Russia relations – apparently with the knowledge that the Justice Department would never decide to disobey him.

“Trump will never be prosecuted by the Justice Department,” Benn said during an appearance on MSNBC this week. “But those days are over.

Thomson noted in a statement that two other Trump administration officials, former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and. I wish Patel was loyal to Trump. And Christopher Miller, then acting secretary of defense and former chief of staff, both are still investigating the committee. But Patel allegedly skipped the scheduled appearance before the panel on Thursday.

“He didn’t show up. He’s still busy,” said Rep. Adam Kinsinger, R-Ill. Told CQ roll call. After the mess. “We have a limited patience for that.”

Patel has been flogging the January 6 investigation efforts in public statements and is using the petition. As bait for a fundraising pitch, Calling the committee’s efforts “corrupt.”

According to CNN, the committee also found it difficult to present its statement to former White House Deputy Chief of Staff Dan Scavino, who cited unnamed sources familiar with the matter. According to the network, submissions may be delayed.

The headline-grabbing frenzy limited the panel to a busy week. He allegedly heard testimony from former acting attorney general Jeffrey Rosen. About his alleged role in fighting Trump’s ultimate failed bid to overturn the 2020 election.

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