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Steven Deck Knight exited Marvel, citing CB Sebelsky’s Akira Yoshida.

Oldman Logan, in the future, is screaming when the baby hulk is looking at his back with light interest.۔

Cover Westlanders: Wolverine. # 1.
Image: Josimaria Casanovas / Marvel.

Although his period was as an exhibitor. Netflix Fearless The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes. Pacific Rim: Rebellion. And Jupiter’s legacy. Writer Director Steven S. is near Deck Knight. He continued his working relationship with the great Marvel universe. He jumped on the humorous side of things where he wrote stories in books. King size cones. And Wolverine: Black, white and blood.. But since he recently learned of the use of Marvel’s editor-in-chief, CB Sebelsky’s old pseudonym, he is taking a stand.

Take it DKNights Announcing recently As a new writer. Westlanders: Wolverine. The series with artist Ibrahim Mustafa, things seem to be between him and Marvel Comics. Copacetic This all changed last Sunday, however, as DK.On his Twitter account last night, he was disappointed to learn that the current Marvel editor-in-chief, CB Sebelsky, who was once white Accepted the identity of “Akira Yoshida”.“I had no idea. I like to write for Marvel Comics, but that changes the equation,” De Knight wrote in part, working as an assistant editor at the publisher Too bad. There are so many great editors out there.

In addition to expressing his displeasure at Sebelsky’s actions in the past, De Knight stated his intention not to work with Marvel on moral grounds, and it is unclear what effect his decision will have on the upcoming series. will have. io9 reached out to Marvel and D-Knight representatives but did not respond at the time of publication.

Between Sibelsky’s adoption of an ethnic identity outside of his own caste and his subsequent rise to prominence within Marvel, the whole situation has been an embarrassing stain on the company’s history. And that’s what it says. Relaxing racism That big comic publishers like to say there’s no place for them. News of Cebulski writing as Akira Yoshida. First broke in 2017., The topic often reappears on social media. De Knight claims to have heard about it recently and explains that his problem has more to do with what went into the creation of the character, which was more than a simple nickname.

Before owning the fact that Youssef.Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Sebelsky aint for me either. Interview the characterIn it, “Yoshida” describes learning English with the help of American comic books while growing up in her native Japan. Bleeding Coal also reported. That’s when other Marvel executives played along and insisted that the person was real. D night. Written“It wasn’t just a nickname. It created a wide alternative identity, to be interviewed as this other person (I’m assuming by phone).

Deck Knight could sympathize with Sibelsky’s love for Japanese culture, but he pointed out why he has the same passion because Sibelsky’s masked history as a Japanese figure is something he deals with. ۔ “I think he really has a deep love for people and Japanese culture. I taught ESL at a Japanese school in Los Angeles for about seven years before I got into business. I also learned about people and culture. That’s how I feel, “he wrote. “Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.”

The line between admiring and fatiguing foreigners and their cultures is something that the comic book community as a whole often needs to be reminded of, and there are many steps that comic book publishers can take to address these issues. Can pick up to It’s one thing to have more color creators working on books, and another to significantly increase the diversity of staff, editorial leadership in companies. It’s hard to see these kinds of moves as half-steps, though, especially when Sibelsky was placed at the top as the editorial voice – despite the power to add new creators to Marvel. Events.

“I take zero pleasure in it. I don’t want to ruin anyone’s life. And God knows I’m sick of not continuing my work at Marvel with my wonderful editor. But if I read Marvel Comics as a child.” Learned something D Knight wrote.. “Sometimes you have to stand up for what is right. It doesn’t matter how much it hurts.”

Westlanders: Wolverine # 1. Arrive at stores on December 1.

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