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‘Strike October’ is in full swing as about 100,000 workers are allowed to stop work across the United States.

Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich observed on Wednesday that workers in industries across the spectrum would go on strike in the coming days after corporate leaders failed to meet demands for adequate pay and working conditions. I am close to a general strike

“You could say that the workers have declared a national general strike until they get better wages and better working conditions.” Written Reach in Guardian. No one calls it a general strike. , Health care workers in Buffalo. ”

Labor advocates are calling the nationwide show of union power and workers’ solidarity a “strike October” because work is expected to stop in a number of industries in the coming hours and days if union demands are not met.

John Derry, a farm device maker, has about 10,000 workers. Set to walk out If the company fails to negotiate an agreement meeting the demands of United Auto Workers (UAW) members by 11:59 pm on Wednesday.

With 90 percent of members voting on Sunday, 90 percent rejected the interim agreement on changes to the pension plan and inadequate pay increases – a 5 to 6 percent increase in compensation – on the company’s skyrocketing profits this year. Considering $ 5.7 billion and 9 5.9 billion in net income.

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“We are not asking to become millionaires, we are asking for a decent salary, pension and health care after retirement,” said one employee. told WQAD, One ABC Million, affiliated in Illinois. “After transferring a thousand pounds of casting or assembling a tractor to a company after 30 years or more, it tears your body apart. ‘What if?’

More than 24,000 nurses and other health care workers in California and Oregon. Voted On Monday, he will allow the strike after negotiations with his employer, Caesar Perment, were suspended. Workers are demanding epidemiological assistance, a 4% annual increase, and an increase in recruitment.

after the. Voting To allow a strike earlier this month, 60,000 film and TV workers could strike on Monday if the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP), which owns hundreds of production companies, goes on strike. Represents, fails to present a contract that gives employees plenty of time. Close.

According to the International Coalition of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE), workers often work 12-hour days اکثر often without lunch breaks اور and take only 10 hours off between work days, while most Low-paid staff members earn less than their daily wage.

Jonas Loeb, Communications Director, IATSE, tweeted, “StrikeTuber is the work of greedy bosses trying to recover irreversible.”

Thousands are already striking for fair working conditions and pay, including 1,400, due to the recent strike permit and possible work stoppage. Kellogg’s plant workers There have been 1,100 miners at Warrior Met Coal in several states. Fight From April for a fair deal and 2,000 hospital workers in New York.

The nationwide wave of workers’ solidarity includes “the kind of numbers you don’t see anymore.” Huff post. Labor Reporter Dave Jamieson

Reach wrote that for the past 18 months, frontline workers across the country have been risking their health by working for companies that have made historic profits, “Reach wrote. Are reluctant because they burn out, exhausted “:

Years ago, when I was Secretary of Labor, I met people from all over the country who had a full-time job but complained that their jobs were underpaid and they received little benefits. , Or are insecure, or require long or unexpected times. Many said their employers mistreated them, harassed them and did not respect them.

Since then, these complaints have only grown louder. Elections. For many, the plague was the last straw. Workers are fed up, exhausted, working and running downstairs. In the face of so many hardships, illnesses and deaths over the past year, they are not going to take it anymore.

“Corporate America wants to classify it as a ‘labor shortage,'” Reach wrote. What is really happening is more accurately described as a lack of housing wages, a lack of risk pay, a lack of childcare, a lack of sick leave, and a lack of health care. This Shortage is eliminated, many Americans will not return to work anytime soon. ”

As a possible strike by IATSE members approached, the union pointed out that some of its members – North Hands Music Theater (NSMT) ‘s stage hands and theater tech workers in Beverly, Massachusetts, had only One day after the strike, he got a living wage.

“NSMT staff used to be paid 60 percent less than the industry area average, but now they will be paid 18 18 an hour.” Said Union last week

AFL-CIO President Liz Schuler. told Mountain That the Striker October movement shows that with economic inequality “getting worse … the union is the solution.”

“It’s capitalism that has brought us to the brink,” Schuller said.

Unite here, which represents 300,000 hospitality employees, solidarity With the workers participating in the strike and urged them to see themselves in a position of power.

“It is clear that we are at a critical juncture in the organization of the union,” the union said in a statement. “What we can’t do is lose the moment. The so-called ‘labor shortage’ – which we know is really the lack of jobs that pay us enough to make a living.”

“You know what scares bosses?” Added Sarah Nelson, president of the Flight Attendants Association. “Labor solidarity

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