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Stuart Schiller, a Marine officer, was jailed for criticizing Afghanistan so he could plead guilty to some charges.

His lawyer said Tuesday that the Marine, who will face court-martial over criticism of his withdrawal from Afghanistan, would admit some of the charges.

Lt. Col. Stuart Schiller will receive a discharge that would allow him to secure some of the military benefits he has gained in his 17 years of service, the Washington Post reported. Reported.

Tim Parlatour, one of the lieutenant colonel’s lawyers, told the Post in a phone interview that his client was trying to avoid jail time and insults.

“We hope he will get a letter of reprimand, and no,” Mr Parlator said.

However, the lawyer said he could not give details of any specific pre-trial agreement as some details were “still in the air”.

Lt. Col. Schiller faces charges in Thursday’s scheduled court-martial at Camp Legion, North Carolina, including insulting high-ranking commissioned officers, deliberate disobedience to a high-ranking commissioned officer, and negligence of duty.

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