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Student arrested after bringing gun to high school: Ventura police

A 16-year-old boy was arrested Monday after being found with a gun at Pacific High School in Ventura, police said.

According to a Ventura Police Department report, school administrators were contacted by a concerned citizen about a student who posted on social media about possessing firearms.

The administrators then contacted the school’s resource officer, and together they detained the student when he arrived on campus.

According to police, a gun was found in his possession.

As a result, the teen was arrested on suspicion of possessing firearms on the school grounds and was admitted to Ventura County Juvenile Hall.

It will be subject to the school district’s disciplinary policies. Ventura Unified School District Said in a Facebook post.

Police did not identify the young man’s age.

Following the incident, the school district thanked the community member who provided the tip, which later led to the arrest.

The Facebook Post said, “We say if you see or hear something being said and we appreciate you doing it.”

District officials thanked Ventura Police as well as Pacific High School administrators and staff.

“We will continue to adhere to our school safety plans and ensure that lockdown exercises and other administrative training are up-to-date so that we can handle them easily if future events occur,” the letter said. Take it as they were in the Pacific this morning. ” .

The district added that counseling is available for any student or staff.

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