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Studies and dads from the NFC West to the Arizona Cardinals.

If you told the 49ers they would hold the unbeaten Arizona Cardinals up to 17 points there would be smiles all around.

Instead, the 49ers failed to capitalize on their scoring opportunities with a miserable tri-lance on the quartet back and fell from 17-10 at State Farm Stadium to enter a record 2-3 weeks.

A look at some roots and dirt:


Donty Johnson: Cornerbeck not only snatched the ball from Chase Edmunds to play with 8:39, but also found the 49ers back in a stampede to get the ball back to their 46 at 10-7. Edmunds was originally ruled out of contact, but the game was called off following a successful challenge from coach Kill Shanhan.

Debo Samuel: With the 49ers trailing 10-0 and desperately needing a touchdown, Samuel took a pitch to the left of Lance and finished second in the third quarter with 49 points from 1:42 and 13 for nine.

DJ Jones: Jones’ first 2021 sack was impressive. He primarily abused Josh Jones, pushed him into the backfield, and threw Killer Murray for a 14-yard loss. As a result, Arizona took over in the first quarter.

Nick kissed: Arizona took a position for a late field goal late in the first half and took a 13-0 lead, with Bosa beating DJ Humphries badly and dropping Murray at a loss of 13 yards to keep the Cardinals out of bounds. put it.

Kyle Jaszak: On the first drive of the 49ers of the second half, he caught an 18-yard pass for the first down and actually stopped the first defender (Cornerback Antonio Hamilton) who tried to deal with it.

Brandon Iow: Baker was screened with his body, grabbed a lance pass and scored 26 yards down in the second and 25th game. This is the kind of drama that can see more of ayuk in play calling.

Defensive pass rush discipline: Most of the game’s 49ers did not allow Murray to escape from the field, taking advantage of the outside and forcing the incomplete third. An important example emerged in the fourth quarter, in which Talanova Hofanga provided pressure.


Tree lance: Did some good things and enjoyed watching, but most importantly, the 49ers scored a touchdown and a field goal in nine tensions. Lance was 15 of 29 for 192 yards and 16 runs for 89 yards.

Jimmy Ward, Josh Norman: De Andre Hopkins continued to play in a variety of ways as Arizona took a 17-7 lead with a 5:13 top play. First, Hopkins came back for a Zira Murray pass while Ward pushed back for a 30-yard extension on the 9-yard line. Norman then played Hopkins and could have been expected at the next play but lost the wrestling match for the ball and a 9 yard touchdown pass.

Mike McGlenchy: McGlenchy was prominent in his inability to deal with J.J. Watt, who is still heading to a strong veteran Hall of Fame, but at least a little before his prime. Watt started the game in the first quarter to leave Elijah Mitchell for a loss of 3 yards and later Lance put pressure on McGlynchy’s drive which ended at 1. The first half was run by Lance in the second half. Zack Allen defeated McGlynchy for the third quarter sack lance, although it was more coverage sack. Oh, and a bad start in the third quarter.

Butterfly: Debo Samuel, who was considered the focal point of the crime with George Cuttle on the IR, had a pair of first half drops (although one was thrown a little behind him). At the end of the first half of the third and eleventh games, Mohammad Sanu dropped a pass in the middle which would have been good to come down first. Sanu hit six yards on the fourth and five passes and the first down to make a good snag.

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