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Study undercuts sacred cities Fear of deportation does not stop reporting crimes.

Immigrants report crime on par with Native Americans, according to a new report that lowers asylum cities’ claims that cooperating with immigration authorities has a “cooling effect”, causing immigrants They are less likely to work with local police to investigate.

The Center for Immigration Studies used crime casualty data to determine how many crimes were reported between Spanish and non-Hispanic, and for immigration context, how many crimes were committed by citizens and non-citizens. Reported.

Analysts say that, if anything, they have received more reporting among immigrants than Native Americans. For example, Spanish immigrants, both citizens and non-citizens, reported 65% of serious violent crimes between 2017 and 2019, compared to only 49% of native births.

And statistics show that fear of police or deportation was not a major obstacle, with about 1% of migrant victims saying they feared being harassed by authorities or not reporting to police. Has been suggested.

The CIS study said that it did not matter whether the immigrants lived in different types of communities or not. Crime reporting was nothing.

“Immigrants generally do not hesitate to report crimes – all kinds of crimes, across the country – more than anyone else,” said Jessica Van, lead author of the study. “Not only that, those who did not report crimes almost never said they feared harassment by the police, or that they feared deportation.”

The study attacks the Center for Highly Compulsory Defense of Asylum Policies, which prevents illegal immigrants from being reported or handed over to federal deportation authorities.

Although some migrant activists defend asylum policies regarding the protection of illegal immigrants, most asylum seekers justify their laws as a public safety measure, saying that if they Immigrants will reduce crime reporting if they work with the authorities.

In early 2017, for example, Los Angeles saw a sharp decline in Spanish crime reporting on sexual assault and domestic violence in the first two months of the Trump administration, with city officials telling people to fear deportation. Declared the reason.

The city’s police chief and mayor highlighted the numbers at a press conference.

The Los Angeles Police Department said, “While there is no direct evidence that the decline is related to immigration concerns in the Spanish community, the department believes that deportation concerns are more likely to be reported to the Spanish community than to be affected.” Can stop. ”

But the Washington Times looked at a vast set of Los Angeles statistics that went beyond the first two months and found that the city’s claims had not been met.

In fact, the reporting of Spanish crimes for the growing attacks of deep-seated fellows was almost the same as the total number of reports from 2016 under President Obama to 2017 under President Trump, when reporting rape was actually Was slightly increased.

California then enacted a series of statewide sanctity policies that went into effect in 2018, which should have led to an increase in Spanish crime reports under Los Angeles crime reporting theory. Reports of simple rapes and domestic assaults increased slightly, but increasing reports of assaults fell.

The crime statistics used by the CIS for the new analysis is a survey conducted by the Census Bureau by the Department of Justice. The survey, which began in 2017, included questions about citizenship and foreign birth, which opened a new window for immigrant trends.

The results showed that 62% of serious crimes against immigrants – both legally and illegally – were reported to the police, compared to 53% of the local population. For violent crimes, immigrants reported 61 reported, while 49 for native-born.

The CIS analysis used Spanish non-citizens as a proxy for illegal immigrants and even found in this population, there was no significant difference in reporting compared to Native Americans.

“We find no evidence in the NCVS data to support the ‘cooling effect’ theory that immigrants are more reluctant to report crimes, in general, or in parts of the country where local authorities Collaborate with ICE as usual, such as the South, “the authors concluded

CIS’s analysis contradicts other studies, such as an article published in the American Sociological Review in January that looked at data from 1980 to 2004 and concluded that co-operation with federal authorities led to crime. Reporting suppressed.

“We know that law enforcement is more likely to report violent crimes after Latino.
Shelter policies have been adopted in the metropolitan areas of his residence.

Another study, released in January, used the same victim data as the CIS, and found that when the Trump administration took office in 2017, reporting of Spanish crime appeared to be declining.

But the CIS said the data set is not good enough to make decisions based on change from year to year, and in addition, Hispanics are still likely to report crimes like non-Hispanics in 2017.

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