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Superman’s son Jonathan Kent emerges as Abelingi: DC Comics.

Jonathan Kent, in his Superman costume (left), shares a kiss with his new boyfriend, the pink-haired Jay Nkamura.۔

Jonathan Kent’s love for Superman is in the air.
Image: John Timms / DC Comics

In the DC Universe, this is a good time to become the main ward / next generation of the legacy superhero mantle And Apparently get a date..

Revealed. IGN This morning, DC Comics announced that Jonathan Kent will be meeting with J. Nkamura, a hacker friend and Louis Lane fanboy reader watching June’s pages get closer. Superman: Son of Call El.. For those unfamiliar, John is the son of Clark and Lewis, the former Super Boy, and. now Currently the DC universe after the original Superman Events The state of the future.. While Clark has been out of the world., June has been. Dealing with duties as a human being on earth, even at a young age. He has really been saving the day, but now he has at least someone to trust him.

“We are in a very different and much more welcoming place than we are today. 10, Or even five years ago, ” Son of a bitch. Author Tom Taylor told IGN about the decision that June would now appear as a bisexual. “When I was asked if I wanted to write a new Superman with the new # 1 for the DC Universe, I knew I could miss a real opportunity to replace Clark with another straight white savior. Has always said that everyone needs heroes and everyone deserves to see themselves in their heroes.Today, the strongest superhero on the planet, Superman is coming out.

The coming out of June follows the recent waves when Tim Drake—Former Robin and current Red Robin.Also appeared as bisexual in August. Batman: Urban Legends. She is the latest in a line of numerous legacy DC characters to emerge as a member of the LGBTQ + community in recent years. While it’s important for publishers like DC to make a path with a variety of newly created characters, being able to incorporate familiar characters into these types of stories – and acknowledging that Anna is a strange, universal experience that It happens at every age, and it’s something that happens many times in a person’s life – it forms an important basis for future stories. And while June is now one of the many characters who have held the reins of Superman and Superboy in her time, her role as a hero has shifted from her role to one of DC Comics’ most famous characters. It’s a great moment to be a wonderful member of my family.

It’s great to be with Superman as Superman. Son of a bitch. Artist John Timms told IGN. “As we see June grow up before our very eyes, it will be interesting to see him try to find himself not only as a person but also as a global superhero in the complex environment of global life. On the other hand, I hope that this kind of thing will not be seen as a big deal in the future. Yes, many things are beyond the horizon.

Superman: Son of Call El. # 5, June and Jay’s first kiss will be on the shelf and will be released digitally on November 9.

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