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Superstar Tanner Jonas Kaufman performs at Carnegie Hall.

Jonas Kaufman, October 9, 2021. Jennifer Taylor.

Indoor performances of classical music. It started slowly Returning to New York City in September to see the season openers of both the New York Philharmonic and the Metropolitan Opera at the Lincoln Center.

On Saturday night, Carnegie Hall’s Stern Auditorium hosted only the second presentation since March 2020, when the heart-pounding beautiful opera superstar Jonas Kaufman saw Helmut Deutsch lying to locals for the first time in almost three years. Introduced to his wonderful old friend. Her almost sold-out concert was the first event of the “month of the month” in October, a clear indication that the world’s loudest voices are once again being heard around the city!

When I arrived on Saturday, the line of concert goers was waiting to check their vaccination status before entering the theater, from the entrance to Carnegie Hall at 7th Avenue to 56th.Th Alley and then around the corner and far from the stage door! It is worth mentioning that the performance started with a delay of only ten minutes. Initial concerns that older adults were reluctant to return to live performances, especially in light of the recent Delta variant increase, were significantly denied by a large number of seniors in the audience.

A glowing Cuffman and Deutsch both entered the white tie and tail with roaring, long applause that happily returned when Tanner expressed his relief and joy at being able to sing again to the live audience. ۔ Kaufman also said in his brief remarks that the evening’s program will feature months of study and recording of the closure of opera houses and concert halls for epidemics. The first songs in the recitation were by Franz Liszt, the duo centered on the recently released CD “Fried Wool and Lead Wool” on Sony Classic.

There was some concern that Tanner might not appear at the end of last month, he canceled three performances. La Forza del Destino. At his home theater, Munich’s Bavarian State Opera. But, in his first song, the dramatic “Vergefitt Sand Mine Labe”, Kaufman notices that he is sending out loud, loud notes that fill the large auditorium.

Lizat’s songs, while not completely ignored, are much less programmed than other programs. liar Masters like Schubert, Brahms and Schumann.

The musician’s grand “Tre Sonetti di Petrarca” is more likely to be heard in the recitation, which Kaufman has included in his CD, but he chose not to perform on Saturday when he was completely German in Liszt. Focused on the song collection. The nine works presented the best opportunities for Kafman to show his great qualities as a reciter. Although Carnegie Hall helped keep the house lights on so that anyone could walk with the text provided, telling a story that clearly communicates it during the song may keep most of the audience focused. Be encouraged.

No one was disappointed that Kaufman wasn’t performing in the evening, yet he did sing many songs on his drama list, such as “S War in Kung In Thole” (Goethe’s choice). Fast Also featured in Gonod’s opera) and “Die Dre Zagoner.” For them, he left his usual cool style for the thrilling effect and increased the intensity.

Many will be surprised that there was no break schedule nor was the program divided into the usual small groups that are often found in false words. Kaufmann and Deutsch left the stage for a short break after the ninth Lizat song. He then returned for thirteen songs by twelve composers of “Sage Stand” (Blessed Hour), the second CD he recorded during the epidemic.

After Leiszt’s song, the other half performed “Chestnut” like Mustart’s charming “Das Welchin” and Brahms’ “Lovely”, as well as Dorak’s “Songs My Mother Taught Me” and Tchaikovsky’s “No One But Alone”. Heart”. Kaufman’s dark-skinned state of mind and boldness refreshed these sometimes over-the-top songs.

Although another singer finally sang a song that stopped the show, such as Strauss’s “Zevening”, he chose to close both the CD and Saturday’s recitation with Muhler’s great movement. Rertckert Lieder. His cheerful presentation may have yielded a perfect result, but the roaring audience did not let him go.

This is followed by no less than six anchors, including Schumann’s “Mondnacht” and Schubert’s “Die Forl”. The Boston Symphony Orchestra’s third act concert. Tristan and Isolde Kaufman’s performance was canceled in the spring of 2020, we got a long glimpse of his tristan (which he first performed on stage in Munich last summer) of his terrifying Wagner’s “Treum” With anchor Wisdom Leader.

Three more Strauss songs. including “Morgan” followed, but the last one was quickly scrapped when Kaufman angrily called an audience member to film it. “I’ll give you everything” he pleaded but recording “You break the rules”! His outburst was greeted with overwhelming support from the audience and he re-launched the magnificent “Cecilia” whose high note of climate was greeted by the biggest Slove of the concert browsers. By this time he had sung at very short intervals of about two hours.

Although Coffman’s operating exposure in the United States has dwindled to just a handful in recent years, his Carnegie Concert was the second stop on a cross-country tour in October that will take him to several cities where he has never been before. Did not come .

Although Kaufman is not scheduled to return to New York this season, several other notable tanners will be making local moves this month. On Tuesday night, Anna Netrebko’s husband Youssef Ivasov tried to solve three potentially deadly puzzles when Toronto Her undisputed title opens with the supernova Christine Gorky as heroin.

Later in October, Klaus Florin Vogt launched a series of rare American appearances in the impatiently anticipated revival of Matt. Diemester Singer van Nuremberg.. Vogt’s extraordinarily soft and penetrating temperament has won him over to a passionate sect in Europe, and his passionate Walther to win the hand of Eva, played by Norwegian soprano sensation Les Davidson, growing up in his first Wagner opera in New York. Will try

On October 27.Th Of 92.N.D. Street Y Will host two of the world’s greatest. Bell Canto That’s when Lawrence Brownlee and Michael Spiers reunited to present areas and couples from their widely acclaimed All-Russian CD “Ames e Revali”. His concert, with pianist Maira Huang, will be available for home viewing via Wii for only ڈالر 20!

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