The wife was supported for refusing to accept her mother-in-law for Christmas.

A poster on the Mumsnet forum called Hygerama made it clear that her husband’s mom was “intense” and “following” her around the house – even as she throws rubbish outside.

Newsweek contacted the parenting expert he described Post as “quite sad” because the children’s grandmother tries to be “close” to them, but in fact she alienates herself.

The woman was supported for refusing to accept her mother-in-law for Christmas. Here is a picture of a mother-in-law cooking for marriage.
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The woman claims that she would prefer her mother-in-law to visit their home after Christmas. This would reduce her stay as the trains would then run on schedule.

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The OP said her mother-in-law, who does not speak English, began visiting the family again in 2020. He describes her as “all childish” and states that she is “following” her daughter.

She wrote: “She is hovering over her son, who is playing on the floor and constantly trying to get his attention by making clicking noises.”

The PO responded to other users and described his mother-in-law’s behavior as “suffocating”. He also talks about her husband as “not the best” host when he works, which means she has been entertaining his mother.

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Newsweek spoke with Ruth E. Freeman, founder and president of Solutions for parents in a room at home.

She said, “Worship for the mother who has shown so much restraint and even sympathy for her discerning mother-in-law. So much of what mom describes is actually quite sad because her mother-in-law tries to be close to her grandchildren but actually does things that may alienate them.

“Since her own son stays away from his mother, one can only imagine that she might have had this pesky parenting style when he was growing up.

“Nevertheless, mum has shown kindness and patience with her mother-in-law and she deserves her husband to respect her boundaries. Don’t move, Mom. Two days of such a visit, which will probably get everyone’s nerves up, will be enough.

“In fact, mum may want this policy to continue. If I were a mother in this situation, I would ask my husband, who probably speaks his mother’s language, to let her know that he would like her to give the children and his wife a little more space and specifically describe the behaviors that are problematic for his family. requests, starting by thanking her for her visit and ending with a few positive words, but in the meantime she will help anyone if she can let her know, which will make the visits of his family pleasant. “

Lots of people supported the wife, but there seems to be a split in the comments.

One user said, “Tell your beloved husband to stretch out his finger now. Two days around Christmas is a lot. Explain this to your dear husband, it’s probably not her fault, but it’s hard work, you don’t have to turn into a doormat. “

“I don’t see that she has done anything wrong at all. Remember these are her grandchildren and she has hardly been able to see them from birth because of Covid. You have a problem with your beloved husband, he should entertain his own mother. You seem to be judging her for speaking English poorly, but perhaps you have no idea what prevented her from learning, ”said another.

Newsweek was unable to verify the details of the case.

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