Suspected drug dealer arrested in Whitby

A woman has been arrested for possessing cannabis with intent to supply.

North Yorkshire Police say a 26-year-old local woman was arrested on Wednesday (24 November) as part of a “proactive fortnight” during a drugs-related operation in Whitby, which is underway in the Scarborough Borough and rydell Police Area.

A police spokesman said: “Host locations” dealing with known drug dealing were targeted and fresh information and intelligence was gathered throughout the day to support the continued effort to combat drug-related crime.

“Around 12.45 pm, officers searched the woman at Baxtergate.

“She was carrying a significant amount of cannabis, which was confiscated, along with various items including a number of mobile phones and sets of scales, as well as suspected of being used in the sale of a Class B controlled drug.

“Two other people present with the woman were also searched.

“Nothing suspicious was found and they went on with their day while their friend was arrested and taken into custody.

After interrogation, the woman was released under investigation while the interrogation is on.”

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