Sussex Motorcycles A20 to pass the Covid-19 test. got injured on

A motorcyclist suffered a spinal fracture after a car collision while distributing COVID-19 testing kits for charity.

Christopher Riggs of Northium, near Rye, was giving a lateral flow kit to a patient when he had an accident.

He suffered a fractured spine, left ankle and pelvis as well as a broken arm and a dislocated shoulder – spending two weeks in the hospital as a result.

The 60-year-old grandfather’s lawyers said police investigated the collision but decided not to take action against the driver.

The Argus: the scene of the crash on the A20 on 15 June The scene of the accident on the A20 on 15 June

Speaking about the accident for the first time, Christopher said: “Before the collision I was fit and healthy, I had ridden a motorcycle for many years and was a responsible and careful rider.

“Not only was riding my hobby and passion, it gave me an opportunity to give something back and help the community.

“However, now that all has changed, I am now physically and mentally shaken and unsure if I will be able to ride my motorcycle again.”

The Argus: Christopher Riggs with his granddaughters Hari, age four, and Sanon, age two Christopher Riggs with his granddaughters Hari, age four, and Sanon, age two

Christopher, the grandfather of four-year-old Hari and two-year-old Sanon, is currently undergoing rehabilitation.

He said his injuries have prevented him from helping Hari, who has been treated for leukemia, and Hari’s 39-year-old mother Sara.

“It’s not just me who is affected,” he said. “Hari and Sara are going through a difficult time, and I feel like I can’t be there for them which is especially upsetting.

“However, it does make me more determined to try and make the best recovery I can.”

Self employed Business Consultant Christopher was a volunteer rider delivering blood and working for the Kent, Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance Restock team.

At the time of the collision, on June 15 this year, he was helping to conduct the Kovid test.

Christopher said he was traveling on the A20 in Horn Park, London, when a VW Passat turned into the car on his way.

“I came out of the throttle and started braking. As soon as I did that, the car suddenly exited the dual carriageway,” he said.

“I didn’t want to go over the car, so I tried to get out of the way, but I had nowhere to go and was thrown off my bike.”

The Argus: Christopher Riggs after the accident Christopher Riggs after the accident

Christopher underwent several operations and was unable to get out of bed or prepare himself without the help of his wife, Carol, 61.

He directed serious injury attorneys at Irvine Mitchell to investigate and assist them in accessing specialist rehabilitation and treatments.

Irwin Mitchell said his legal team had managed to secure an admission of liability from the driver’s insurers, and Christopher now has the money he needs.

Lawyer Natasha Fair said: “Christopher is a great example of how many people have given their time to meet the challenges of COVID-19 and help others through the pandemic.

“The serious injuries he suffered through no fault of his have had a real impact not only on his life but on his wider family.

“While nothing may make up for the physical and emotional pain Christopher is going through, we are delighted that we are able to help him reach the specialist rehabilitation he needs to recover from his injuries.

“Through our work helping those injured on the streets we often see how early access to treatment can make all the difference.”

Christopher, who previously scored 100 percent in his Institute of Advanced Motorists motorcycle test, hopes that by speaking up he can raise awareness about road safety.

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