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Syria’s exiled Assad allows his uncle to return to escape prison.

Beirut (AP) – President. Bashar Assad Permission of that Exiled uncle returns the evening. To avoid a four-year prison sentence in France, where. They A Syrian government newspaper reported late Friday that it had spent more than 30 years.

رفعت اسد۔The lawyer confirmed. of that The client has left France in denial. They The French ran away from justice.

Asad, 84, was convicted last year of illegally using Syrian state funds to build a French real estate empire. They Because he did not attend the trial They He was in critical condition, and the French Court of Appeals upheld his sentence. AsadHis lawyer took the case to France’s highest court, which has yet to rule.

The pro-Syrian state newspaper Al-Watan reported the return of the elder. Asad, Who ran the evening. After 1984 They Tried unsuccessfully to revolt against of that Brother, late President. Hafiz Asad. رفعت اسد۔ He served as Vice President and Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Army.

In 1986, They Received France’s highest distinction, the Legion of Honor, which was widely criticized.

The newspaper said that the president. Bashar Assad Sorry of that Uncle he said. They Was allowed to return. the evening. Avoid spending time in France on Thursdays and beyond. of that Property confiscated in Europe

رفعت اسد۔ “The French never ran away from justice, and remained free. of that Movements to date ” of that French lawyer Cedric Antoine Beatrice told the Associated Press in a written statement. “For seven years, he responded to all summons and requests from the authorities to prove his innocence.”

“At 84, his medical condition – which did not allow him to take part in his trial – does not correspond to imprisonment,” said Anthony B. Tash.

The lawyer added that if the French Supreme Court upheld the sentence, it would be amended and closed. “But now he doesn’t have (the house),” he said. “So he didn’t run, he was chased.”

رفعت اسد۔ He was dubbed “Kasab Huma” after allegations by human rights groups. They Oversaw an attack that crushed a 1982 uprising in the western central Syrian province of Hama. They Huma has denied any role in the massacre. They It is also linked to the killing of hundreds of prisoners in the 1970s and early 1980s and the Syrian military’s atrocities in Lebanon.

Transparency International and the French anti-corruption group Sherpa filed a complaint in 2013. It Money laundering of public funds for use by shell companies in tax havens. the evening. In France. of that The French holdings, which include several dozen apartments and two luxury townhouses in Paris, are worth 90 million euros (.5 99.5 million). Watchdog groups say the amount is much higher. They Syria’s vice president and military commander could earn.

They He was convicted of money laundering and embezzlement of public funds. They Denied wrongdoing and said funds were allowed. It to buy of that French real estate came with generous gifts. of that 16 children and the Saudi monarchy

But They Switzerland is also investigating war crimes related to the 1982 massacre.

The late President. Hafiz Asad Permission of that The younger brother has to come back briefly. the evening. To participate in the 1990s of that Mother’s funeral but رفعت۔ One person was immediately declared non-grata and forced to leave. They Was considered a threat to HafizPlan for succession of that Son , Bashar.

رفعت اسد۔ Questioned the constitutional status of Bashar AssadComing to power in 2000 and organized opposition of that Government from abroad but They There is believed to be no political weight among the opposition, which was deeply distrustful of the ambitious former military commander.


Uncle is 84, not 83, to correct this story.

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