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Taiwan has rejected China’s offer amid a show of military force.

TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) – TaiwanOn Sunday, the president vowed to defend the island. ChinaAfter a week of unprecedented tensions with Beijing, increasing pressure to reunite.

A rare demonstration of Taiwan’s defense capabilities at the annual parade, addressing the island’s National Day celebrations. Tsai EnglishVan promises to resist Chinese military threats

“We will do our best not to change the status quo unilaterally,” he said. Tsai Said.

We will continue to strengthen our national defense and show our commitment to self-defense to ensure that no one can force it. Taiwan To take the path China The Taiwanese leader added that it had been offered to us.

China Claims Taiwan As part of its national territory, however, the island has been self-governing since its secession from communist-ruled territory in 1949 after a long civil war.

Tsai Unlike Beijing’s deeply dictatorial, single-party communist state, the island’s dynamic democracy was emphasized.

The path that China It has neither offered a free and democratic lifestyle. TaiwanNor sovereignty for our 23 million people Tsai Said.

A collection of singers from TaiwanVarious local tribes inaugurated the ceremony in front of the presidential office building in the center of the capital. Taipei.

The poll shows that Taiwanese are in favor of their current de facto independent state and strongly reject alliances with it. China, Which has vowed to take control of the island, if necessary, by military force.

Tsai Rarely singles out China I They Public speeches, but acknowledged the growing tension in the speech. Taiwan Chinese military harassment intensified last year. From September last year, China Fighter planes have flown more than 800 times. Taiwan.

Since last Friday, China Has sent a record number of fighter jets to international airspace. Taiwan.

The island has strengthened its non-governmental relations with countries such as Japan, Australia and the United States in the face of these threats.

“But the more we achieve, the more pressure we face. China, ” Tsai I said They Speech

After the address, TaiwanThe Ministry of Defense displayed a range of weapons, including missile launchers and armored vehicles, while fighter jets and helicopters flew overhead. These included the formation of F-16s, indigenous defense fighters and the Mirage 2000, which left a wide white contradiction in their background.

After the air power show, there was a group of 32 CM tanks, followed by trucks carrying missile systems.

Tsai Said Taiwan Wanted to contribute to peaceful regional development, even as the situation in the Indian Pacific becomes “more tense and complicated”.

on Saturday, ChinaXi Jinping, the leader of the Taliban, said that the alliance with him again. Taiwan “It must be realized”, while the claim of “peaceful” unity was possible.

Xi said that no one should underestimate the strong determination, determination and ability of the Chinese people to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Parade on Sunday. Taipei Also prominent TaiwanOlympic athletes who won medals at the Tokyo Summer Games, as well as public health officials, including those who hold daily press conferences on infectious diseases, wear their distinctive neon yellow striped vests.

Tsai It also urged other legislative parties to put politics aside to push for reforms to the island’s constitution, a document drafted by the then-ruling Nationalist Party before it lost power and fled in 1947. Was China Two years before the communist occupation.

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