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Ted Cruz & Co. promotes non-existent airline ‘strike’

Republican senators and congressmen who protested the vaccine mandate reached out to praise the protest by airline workers who were resisting taking the shot.

There is only one minor problem: there is no evidence that it actually exists.

In the last few days, the choice of right-wing antivirals and sensors. That it is inspired by the magic and creative use of the relationship between fan fiction.

It all started this weekend when Southwest Airlines canceled. More than 1,800 flights., Stranded passengers across the country. Delay, according to Southwest, “[air traffic control issues] And bad weather. In a statement issued late Monday night, the FAA said, “No information from Southwest, its pilots’ union, or the FAA indicates that this weekend’s cancellation is relevant.” The vaccine was mandated. ”

However, other airlines, such as the Southwest, did not see massive flight cancellations despite exposure to weather and air traffic controllers, raising questions about why the airline, among all others, was backed up so much.

Like almost all major airlines, Southwest recently announced that it would require a COVID-19 vaccine as a condition of continued employment. On Friday, the same day the flight cancellation began, the Southwest Pilots Union. Moved To stop the company’s employee vaccine mandate in federal court, which he says “illegally imposes new employment conditions.”

Confused, antivirals, particularly cowardly conspiracy theorist Alex Bernson, stepped in to respond to the airline’s problems. He claimed the delay was the result of a large but secret “illness” of pilots protesting the company’s newly announced vaccine mandate.

However, the Southwest Airline Pilots Association, whose name is thought to be ill, It says “We can say with certainty that our pilots are not taking part in any government or non-government job.” Instead, the union The airline said “Weakened and suffers massive failures under mild pressure” and pointed to massive flight delays during the summer – until a few months before the company announced the vaccine mandate – of minor technical problems. because Massive delays In the works of the company.

And in one. Interview with Spectrum News On Monday, Casey Murray, president of the Southwest Airline Pilots Association, once again pushed back social media claims, saying internal figures show no increase in sick time. “Pilot sick calls are in line with the weather we saw this summer,” he said.

But denials from the Southwest Pilots Union and the airline have not stopped Republican members of Congress from praising the irreparable vaccine protest and condemning the airline for making the job mandatory.

Arizona Republican Congressman Andy Bugs Proudly announced on Monday.

Ted Cruz hopped on a right-wing sikout meme early Sunday when he gained support on Twitter. “Joe Biden’s illegal vaccine is at work! Suddenly, we’re missing pilots and air traffic controllers. He wrote. (Cruz’s tweet appears to indicate that federal air traffic controllers, in addition to Southwest employees, were participating in the perceived vaccine mandate – an additional claim that no one else made.)

Spokesmen for Cruz, Johnson and Bugs did not return requests for comment.

Since then, right-wing pundits have turned the Southwest delay into a promise. “General strike“Among class transport employees working across the country, right-wing social media accounts were confiscated, as evidenced by Amtrak’s announcement of delays between two Amtrak shuttle trains between Spring Haven, Connecticut, and Springfield, Massachusetts. What The movement of hope is spreading.Despite the lack of evidence, the delay has something to do with the rail system’s recently announced vaccine mandate. (Amtrak did not respond to requests for comment from the Daily Beast at the time of publication.)

Fox News star Tucker Carlson began his Monday night program by claiming that he had done the reporting that linked the cancellation to the antiviral disease. Citing the airline’s official explanation for the canceled flights, the far-right host said “it didn’t happen” and “it was all a lie.”

“We’ve talked to a lot of people directly about what really happened,” he announced. “We can tell you that the closure of Southwest Airlines over the weekend was a direct result, a reaction to Biden’s vaccine mandate.”

Public polls – as well as the results of other companies that have implemented mandates in recent months – show little support for the anti-vaccine position on COVID coveted shots.

The poll shows that public support for the vaccine mandate has actually increased, with at least 60 percent of Americans supporting the need. A recent Gallup poll.

And the Biden administration cites numbers that say the vaccine order actually works to get people vaccinated. In a public comment on October 7, Biden said, “As more and more organizations have implemented their own. [vaccine] As needed, they have seen a dramatic increase in their vaccination rates. As evidence, Biden pointed to a decline in the number of Americans surviving the vaccine, from 95 million to 67 million, following the announcement of the administration’s federal employee vaccine mandate.

And while some industries – especially. In law enforcementVaccine mandate has seen staff issues, airlines are not yet included.

United Airlines, First career To announce a vaccine mandate, he gave his employee a deadline for vaccination. 99.5% compliance.

Justin Barguna contributed to this report.


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