Ted Cruz mocked by CNN host for ‘grooving’ Tucker Carlson

CNN hosts Anderson Cooper, Brianna Keeler and Brian Stelter mocked Ted Cruz when the senator apologized to Tucker Carlson for what he called a “violent terrorist attack” on January 6.

The network’s anchors took aim at the Texas Republican after the Fox News host withdrew from comments on the show following criticism of Carlson.

According to CNN, Cruz has referred to January 6 as a terrorist incident at least 17 times in social media, statements or public hearings over the past year, but never apologized for them—until Carlson took the issue. Didn’t pick up

On Friday, Cooper accused Cruise of “taking over the situation” in a desperate bid for Carlson’s pardon; Stelter predicted a Republican “Tucker Carlson primary”; And Keeler said that Cruise “had veered toward misinformation motherhood.”

During Cooper’s monologue about Cruise, CNN’s Chiron read at the bottom of the screen: “Thank you sir, may I have another?”

“Senator Cruz’s alleged sin was to refer to the attack on the Capitol as a terrorist attack, something he has done 17 times before,” Cooper said, adding a clip of Cruise recounting his comments. sloppy” and “obviously dumb.”

Cooper said, “a sitting U.S. senator, one in only 100, someone with real influence, yet a former presidential candidate, moaning at the feet of Tucker Carlson.”

Copper then explained how Cruz is still a staunch Donald Trump supporter after the former president made derogatory remarks about his wife, and suggested that her father was somehow connected to the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

The host also suggested why Cruz was so inclined to be “gentle” toward Carlson because she knew of his major influence on the GOP.

“The power of the Republican Party is now marginalized,” Cooper said. “That’s the energy the Ted Cruz of the world is betting will drive voters to polls, or drive away crowds to storm the institution that served Senator Cruz a year ago.”

Keiller and Cooper both referenced Cruz’s criticism when he flew to Cancun, Mexico in 2021, while Texas experienced a major winter cold and massive power outages.

Keller said, “Cruise “rapidly toward the misinformed Mother Ship as she fled to Cancun to kneel before Tucker Carlson during a fatal deep freeze in her state, even though the Fox host was a serious or Not a credible person.” who called Carlson a “bulls**t artist”.

Meanwhile, Stelter suggested that Cruise “folded like a paper airplane” because he knew he would need Carlson and his fanbase if he ran for president again.

Stelter said Cruz’s apology is a testament to the Fox News host’s power within the GOP, and that it will shape the future of the party for the entirety of the 2024 presidential cycle.

Talking to Victor Blackwell CNN Newsroom, Stelter said: “About a year ago, media journalists like you actually started calling Tucker Carlson the new Donald Trump, and I’ve never seen better evidence than this. This is the ultimate example of Tucker Carlson’s power.

“He essentially runs GOP media now and as we think about the midterms and 2024, there’s going to be a Tucker Carlson primary and you just saw how it’s going to be. With it sticking like that.” The obsession is going to be party conservatism and denial of the reality of the riots.”

Representatives for Cruise have been contacted for comment.

Senator Ted Cruz attends a hearing on China during the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Capitol Hill Wednesday, October 20, 2021, and Fox News host Tucker Carlson at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel on March 29, 2019 in Washington DC CNN Hosts Cruz has teased. After the senator’s apology on Carlson’s show.