Temple University leaders meet with police, mayor to develop strategy to tackle gun violence near campus – Greeley Tribune

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Months after a Temple University student was shot dead during a robbery, as well as other incidents of gun violence near campus, raising the alarm about parental safety, the college community has to Making some changes to help calm down. The university released its list on Wednesday night.

Temple University leaders met with Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw and Mayor Jim Kenney on Wednesday. They came up with new strategies to combat gun violence and keep students safe.

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“It is good and safe to know that this is one of the top priorities of the administration,” said a student.

To curb violence in and around the campus.

Temple University is increasing security and adding new strategies to combat crime.

Another student said, “We live in a very dangerous area, so I think it is important for them to increase security.”

Some strategies include a security upgrade grant program for landlords to add cameras and install lighting, increased campus and city patrols – nearly doubling the number of officers – a neighborhood surveillance program to help patrol neighborhoods. , and more housing will be available in and near the campus. Student.

The university will transfer the students for the rest of the semester.

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One student said, “We all live together so we don’t leave the house unless at least one of us is with the other person.”

Another student said, “On campus, I feel relatively safe, but there are times when walking home, depending on the time of night, can depend on if I am alone or with people.” “I would say the police presence has increased recently.”

Students tell eyewitnesses to the news that they are hopeful these measures are here to stay.

“Whenever there is an incident, it seems that there is an increase in the police force for a few days or maybe for a weekend and then things are over,” said a student. “But I feel like it certainly shows the precaution going forward.”

They feel that these new measures will give peace of mind to their parents as well.

One student said, “Like knowing that there is more security going on and a lot of people are looking for students on campus, I feel like it brings comfort to families and it also comforts a lot of students.” “

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Former Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey will audit campus security services. Which will start from next month.

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