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Tensions over Taiwan have raised fears of a US-China conflict in Asia.

BANGKOK (AP) – After sending a record number of military planes for harassment. Taiwan Finished ChinaNational Day holiday, Beijing. The rhetoric and reasoning behind the exercises have not changed, but the tension is high.

Experts agree that direct confrontation is unlikely at this time, but as the future of self-government. Taiwan It quickly becomes a powder keg, a mistake or miscalculation can lead to a collision while Chinese and American intentions are contradictory.

China The United States wants to regain control of a strategically and symbolically important island. Taiwan In the context of wider challenges. China.

“From an American point of view, the concept of fierce hostility to power. China It has pushed this agenda forward. Henry Boyd., UK-based defense analyst, with the International Institute for Strategic Studies.

“It simply came to our notice then. China There is a strong motivating factor that not taking this fight would be seen as a betrayal of American national interests.

China Claims Taiwan On its own, and controlling the island is an important part of it. Beijing.Political and military thinking. Leader Xi Jinping reiterated over the weekend that “the nation must be reunited, and it must be realized.” ChinaArmed forces in the last two decades

In response, US support is growing. Taiwan And more broadly, the focus is on the Indo-Pacific region. US State Department spokesman Ned Price on Tuesday reiterated US support Taiwan “The rock is solid,” he said. “We have also made it clear that we are committed to deepening our relationship.” Taiwan. ”

WashingtonHas a long-standing policy of providing political and military support. Taiwan, While not explicitly promising to defend it from Chinese aggression.

Both sides were probably closest to the 1996 bombings. China, Which saw him increase US support, upset him. Taiwan, Decided to flex his muscles with exercises that included firing missiles into the water at a distance of 30 km (20 miles). TaiwanThe beach is ahead. TaiwanFirst popular presidential election

Demonstrating its strength, the United States sent two aircraft carriers to the region. On time, China There were no aircraft carriers or small arms to threaten American ships, and he retreated.

Affected by the installment, China It launched major military reforms, and 25 years later, it has significantly improved its missile defense, which can easily counterattack, and equip or build its own aircraft carriers.

A recent report by the US Department of Defense to Congress noted that in 2000, it made an estimate. ChinaThe armed forces will be “a large but mostly ancient army” but today it is a rival, which has already surpassed the US military in some areas, including shipbuilding, where it now has the world’s largest navy. ۔

Not the best way to compare aircraft counting capabilities – The US Navy has 11 aircraft carriers. ChinaTwo for example, but only if the dispute is settled. Taiwan, China He said he would be able to deploy almost the entire force of his navy and would also have ground-based anti-ship missiles to augment the war. Boyd, Co-author of the IISS Annual Military Balance Review of the International Armed Forces.

ChinaThe concept of operations. Taiwan That is, if they can delay the US presence in the war, or limit the number they can put in the war because we are able to put their future assets at risk to some extent, the Taiwanese Can defeat. The Americans seem to have enough power to do something about it. They Said.

TaiwanYour strategy is a mirror image – delay. China Demonstrating long-term power for the United States and its allies. It has significant military strength, and it has the advantage of fighting at home. A recent policy paper also notes the need for disproportionate measures, which may include things like missile strikes on the ground. China Ammunition or fuel dump

TaiwanDepartment of Defense Review ChinaPresented to Parliament in August and received by the Associated Press. China Capable of pre-sealing. TaiwanOf ports and airports, but currently lacks transport and logistical support for large-scale joint landing operations – although improving day by day.

In a new Strategic Guidance Policy last week, US Navy Secretary Carlos del Toro identified. China As the “most important” long-term challenge

For the first time in at least one generation, we have a strategic competitor who owns naval capabilities that is our own adversary, and who has to use his forces aggressively to challenge American principles, partnership and prosperity. Tries

ChinaOn the weekend of its national day at the beginning of the month, it sent a record 149 military aircraft to the southwest. Taiwan In the formation of the strike group – in international airspace but in the buffer zone of the island, pointing. Taiwan End its defense

on Monday, China He announced that he had conducted landing and assault exercises on the beach in the mainland province. Taiwan.

Ma Xiaoguang, a spokesman for the mainland’s Taiwan affairs office, called the actions necessary and said they were provoked on Wednesday.Taiwan The forces of freedom together with the “external forces”.

“With every step, the Chinese are trying to change their current situation and bring the situation back to normal,” said Hu Tiangbun, the K coordinator. China The program at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies in Singapore “they know Taiwan There is nothing that can be done about it, and the danger is that there is a risk of miscalculations or accidents.

Taiwan And China Divided during a civil war in 1949, Chiang Kai-shek’s nationalists fled to the island when Mao Zedong’s communists came to power.

In the 2019 Defense White Paper, Beijing. He says it supports “peaceful reunification of the country” – a phrase Xi repeated over the weekend – but it is also clear in its intentions.

China Must be and will be found again, “reads the paper.” We make no promises to abandon the use of force, and reserve the option to take all necessary action. ”

“If Taiwan The consequences would be catastrophic for regional peace and democratic unity.

“Failure to defend. Taiwan Not only will it be disastrous for Taiwan, “he wrote.” It will destroy a security architecture that has allowed peace and extraordinary economic growth in the region for seven decades. ”

US law asks for help. Taiwan Maintaining defense capabilities and perceiving threats to the island as a “grave concern”.

Washington It has recently acknowledged that US Special Forces are present on the island with training capabilities, and is intensifying multinational exercises in the region as part of its stated commitment to a “free and open Indian Pacific”. Is. They included an exercise involving 17 ships of six ships – the United States, Britain, Japan, the Netherlands, Canada and New Zealand from the Japanese island of Okinawa earlier this month.

The so-called Quad Group of the United Nations – the United States, Australia, India and Japan – were concluding joint exercises in the Bay of Bengal on Thursday, which the Japanese Ministry of Defense said was “their commitment to upholding core values ​​such as democracy and governance.” The law. ”

Washington Australia also signed an agreement last month at a concert with Britain to supply nuclear-powered submarines. China “It will seriously undermine regional peace and stability,” he said.

“The United States is working to bring allies together,” Ho said. “There is a growing internationalization. Taiwan Issue.”

Right now, neither side’s armed forces feel fully prepared for the conflict. Taiwan, But in the end it may not be their decision, Boyd Said.

“It’s not up to the military.” They Said. “It’s up to the politicians.”


Associated Press Reuters Matthew Lee Inn. Washington And Huizhong Wu in Taipei, Taiwan, Contributed to this report.

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