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Terry McAuliff turns to Taylor Swift, slipping to Democrat advantage in Virginia

T.The race for governor of Virginia is tougher than expected. In a state where Biden won by 10 points, and where the former governor. Terry McAuliffe. He was in favor of returning to the State House for a second term. Recent surveys have shown the race to be within the margin of error.

The biggest danger for Democrats is that they lack enthusiasm and have the amazing power to survive. Republican Glenn Yingkin., A wealthy private equity investor who has managed to stay close to Trump by advocating “electoral integrity” While being very vague on abortion. Don’t frighten women on the outskirts of Northern Virginia.

during this, President Joe Biden’s drag numbers. He is criticizing McAuliffe, who now has to convince skeptical Democrats that he is not much. Without all words and deeds.. Larry Sabato, a political scientist at the University of Virginia, says the “DC Democrats have quickly lost consciousness.” If they don’t pass anything in the next ten days, they stand to lose Virginia, and if they If Virginia loses, their fundraising will end, and pundits will go into orbit “about the mid-term effects of next year, and beyond.”

If not scary enough, there’s more: “If Yangkin wins, there will be more data points for Trump that Yingkin’s victory is Trump’s victory and use it to justify the 2024 election.” Strategy and a native Virginia.

To put an end to this, McAlph is resuming his engagement with young voters with digital ads on Facebook, where he asks: Carlyle Group CEO? Digital ads are being micro-targeted for the singer’s fans and Virginians who named Google and quoted Yangkin as saying: He believes the Taylor Swift deal will be a “successful investment”.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. The “bully” is taking unfair advantage of his work. Both by buying their masters and then selling them to another investor. According to Axios “Carlyle was a passive minority investor in Athaca,” Brown’s holding company, “without saying anything in operational decisions.”

But what is irreversible is that the Carlyle Group helped raise money to buy Swift’s Masters while Yingluck was co-CEO. In a campaign Appearance“He will own everything that happens in Carlyle because I was there,” Yingluck said.

The campaign is a small part of a larger push to save McAuliffe and the Democratic Party from a humiliating defeat. To try to end it, Democrats are running a rescue mission that they recall when they encountered an attempt to recall California Governor Gavin Newsom last month, and it seems like a similar root. Democrats are watching before they can easily prevail in Virginia. Competition

Stacey Abrams will hold an “election of spirits” for early voting on Sunday, and next week President Obama will hit the Virginia election campaign to make it quicker and more exciting. First Lady Jill Biden launched the effort on Friday. The poll shows that voters in Virginia agree with McElph’s position, such as the vaccine mandate, the veil and the abortion rights.

In this final push, voters will see more of the Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor, Hala Ayala, who identifies as Hispanic-Latina, responds to the wishes of young voters and colored voters by looking for someone like him. No other white boy appears. A member of the House of Delegates and a cybersecurity expert, she is the mother of two black children.

In a state where Biden won by 10 percentage points, by any reasonable measure, the race should not be so close.

Virginia tends to be blue, but it’s not blue yet. In an off-air election, there is always a drop-off among voters, and the majority of voters who are not likely to show up are African Americans and voters under the age of 30, groups that are particularly more democratic. “Young voters are a real challenge for them,” said Quentin Kidd, who oversees polling at Christopher Newport University. “In our own polls, we have struggled to find young voters for interviews,” he told the Daily Beast. He suspects that displacement due to epidemics has increased the challenge of involving young voters.

Kidd says Democrats are having to adjust to a world without Trump, creating a “crisis of existence.” Democrats won a majority in the Virginia House of Delegates in 2017, and in 2019 the Senate disliked voters, even over President Trump’s hatred. Now that he’s out of the White House, “Trump is not such a powerful impetus. Kidd says McAuliffe and Democrats are doing everything they can to make a race for Donald Trump, and it didn’t work out.”

McAuliffe called Yingkin “Trump Wenby” and reminded voters at every turn that the former Carlyle Group co-CEO had Trump’s approval. But Yingluck has cleverly changed the division in his party, and remains largely silent on most issues. The Washington Post. He is called the “Mystery Man” In a broad profile that notes “Cass Jarr” and the Anglican of Shot Church at his campaign headquarters, which he started in his basement more than a decade ago.

Ferguson, a Democratic strategist, says Yingluck is running Seinfeld. “He wants it to be nothing.”

This is the first time Virginia has 45 days of preliminary voting without an excuse, and both campaigns are closely monitoring where the initial votes are coming from, and where they need to step up their GOTV efforts. ۔ “In a state where Biden won by 10 percentage points, the race should not be so close,” said Steven Farnworth, director of the Center for Leadership and Media Studies at Washington State University. “There are very few convincing voters, so this is a basic choice, and the statement of both campaigns is that if the other party wins, we are ready for democracy. That’s it. The story of the maid. Or a socialist nightmare.

Yingluck has been a surprisingly good candidate, and if he wins, it could be the start of a path that could take him to the US Senate and even to the White House. He played a clever role in the race, demanding an audit of Virginia’s voting machines, which is routinely done, and sends a strong signal to the Trump base.

“If Yingluck wins, the other Republicans will have a good night. They can get a legislative majority in the House of Delegates.

For that to happen, Yingluck will have to do better than what Republicans have done in a short period of time. His last close call came with a state victory in 2014, when former RNC chairman Ed Gillespie received 48.3% of the vote against Democratic Senator Mark Warner. Since then, thanks to Trump, Democrats have had an easy time. There is a third party candidate, Princess Blending with the Liberation Party, who is voting less than 1%, which could be important in a race where McAlfe cannot get more than 50% in the election.

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