The 61-year-old man was executed Wednesday in Texas just hours after the US Supreme Court refused to intervene in the case.

Tracy Beatty was sentenced to d*ath for strangling his 62-year-old mother Carolyn Click in her East Texas home in November 2003.

He received a lethal injection at Huntsville State Correctional Facility, prison spokeswoman Amanda Hernandez said. Beatty, the fourth inmate to be sentenced to d*ath in Texas this year, died at 6:39 PM local time.

According to his lawyers, Beatty was denied a proper psychological assessment prior to his ex*cution.

His defense team hired experts to assess his mental health in the months leading up to his ex*cution, but state prison officials refused to remove the handcuffs for evaluation.

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After the district judge rejected a request by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice to remove his handcuffs while he was undergoing a mental evaluation in September, his lawyers filed an appeal.

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court he was refused to suspend the ex*cution.

In his petition to the Supreme Court, his lawyers said that one of the mental health experts who examined him found that he was “clearly psychotic and had a complex paranoid delusional belief system” and that he lived in a “complex world of delusions” in which Believes that there is “a huge plot of prison officers who … torture him with a device in his ear so that he can hear their threatening voices.”

On Wednesday, just before Beatty’s ex*cution, he choked and sobbed while talking to his wife.

“I don’t want to leave you, honey. See you when you get there. I love you, he said before kissing her silently.

His ex*cution was 13th place in the USA in 2022according to the Death Penalty Information Center, a non-profit organization that provides information on matters related to the d*ath penalty.

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