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Texas has banned the Covid 19 vaccine to win the virus.

Image courtesy of the article The Governor of Texas has ordered the Code-19 vaccine to be a major victory for the virus.

Image: Tamir Khalifa (Getty Images)

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott issued an executive order late Monday banning any entity in the state, including private businesses, from vaccinating consumers or employees against Code-19. Interestingly, this rule does not apply to the many other vaccinations required to participate in society. Seven vaccines Children must go to school in Texas.

President Joe Biden recently announced that all employees in companies with at least 100 people will soon need the Covid 19 vaccine – an order that will be enforced through workplace safety measures. By OSHA. But it is unclear to what extent the mandate will be enforced, especially if it conflicts with state orders, such as the new Texas.

Only 51.9% of the vaccines have been vaccinated against Code 19, which is far below the national figure of 56.8%. And the cases are still alarmingly high, averaging about 7,200 new seven-day cases. In Texas, about 241 people die every day from covid 19.

Government Abbott, a Republican, issued a statement insisting that the Covid 19 vaccine is safe and effective, even saying it is the best defense against the virus. But the conclusion of his statement completely undermines every positive thing he says.

“The Covid 19 vaccine is safe, effective and our best defense against the virus, but it should be voluntary and never forced,” Abbott said.

Did you catch it While acknowledging that vaccination is safe and that vaccination is the only thing that can ultimately eradicate the epidemic, Abbott blinks his anti-vaccine base in a wink to pledge his allegiance. Coincidentally, this is loyalty to death and disease.

Full text of Executive order:

Any organization in Texas that objects to a vaccine to an individual, including an employee or user, who, on the basis of a religious belief, or a religious belief, or for medical reasons, is subject to the receipt of the Covid 19 vaccine. Can’t force From COVID-19 I hereby suspend all relevant laws to the extent necessary to enforce this ban.

Vaccine mandates are extremely popular with the majority of American workers, who will not work with selfish donkeys who refuse to be vaccinated against Covid 19. In fact, United Airlines saw a huge increase in job applicants when it began making the Covid 19 vaccine mandatory for all workers. According to the company, more than 20,000 applications have been received to become flight attendants for about 2,000 positions, rates are much higher than usual. New York Times.

Will Government Abbott’s Executive Order oppose Biden’s federal order for mandatory vaccines? We will learn soon. But even before the Texas Order was signed Monday night, many Republicans were already promising to sue the Fed on President Biden’s mandate.

If you haven’t had the vaccine yet, there’s still time. The various FDA-approved Covid 19 vaccines are safe, effective, and free. Go shoot, unless you are one of them. Small number People who need a medical exemption because you have a severe allergic reaction to the vaccine.. It is the only thing that will get us out of this epidemic and out of our lives.

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