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That ‘fast-track gift card’ is really a scam: a road show.

Q: Have you heard of hacking or scamming customer accounts with Fastrack?

I called the phone number on their website and someone offered me a $ 100 Walmart gift card. I wanted my problem solved, not the card. When he asked for my credit card number, I panicked and hung up.

I think I cheated. I wonder if anyone else has had this experience.

Lane Narlsky.

A: You were wise in hanging. Fastrack Walmart does not offer gift cards. This is the latest deception I’ve ever heard of. In some cases, people have received fake warnings that the auto warranty is about to expire. The DMV is filled with calls about fake messages that people have received about license renewals and smog checks.

Ignoring these scams is the best tactic. Never give out personal information to these potential bullies.

Q: I was reading your answer to the person who questioned the construction of some of our roadways. I said to myself, “Wow, how does Gary know all this?” I’m desperate. How do you know all the information you share with us on a daily basis? I’d like to see a complete column about you. Your training, your background, and of course Mrs. Mrs. Roadshow (and your family). I’m sure your readers will enjoy this show.

John Lownde, Indian Wells.

A: Thanks, John. After completing a degree in political science in Iowa State, I was a sports editor at two Iowa newspapers. I started my first job before completing my Masters in Journalism. Mrs. Roadshow and I met at the Iowa State Daily, where we were both editors.

I became a sports editor at Mercury News in 1984. Mrs. Roadshow did an MBA in Kiel, worked at Apple, then started a consulting practice. She is now serving as my unofficial first editor. He is very good, and tough. I never told him, but he is a better driver than me.

Our daughter Ann is a certified nurse midwife. Our son Matt works in film and marketing for Bay Area Tech Company. He lives in San Bruno and San Francisco.

Oliver, our 3 year old grandson, sang “Take Me Out of the Game” on my recent birthday.

In 1992, I was asked to deal with something called a road show, which we were going to test for six months. About 30 years later, I’m still writing columns. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there.

Much of my information comes from extensive contacts, and tampering with DMV, Caltrans, VTA, and other reports. As well as readers ‘questions, the trends in them keep me connected to Bay Area drivers’ top priorities and emerging issues.

Find Gary Richards on or contact him at [email protected]

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