PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Nearly two dozen of Logan apartment tenants a building that has partially collapsed they came to an agreement with the owners of the building last week. The agreement was concluded after a four-and-a-half-hour hearing. It comes down to building owners having to pay for some serious charges.

Philip Pulley was one of the few who had little to say defendants in the lawsuit starring Lindley Towers and some of its residents.

The lawsuit was filed days after the partial collapse of the seventh-story façade of Lindley Towers in Logan a week ago.

He says some residents have complained to building management about leaky ceilings, mold, mice and cockroaches, but these complaints have been ignored.

Attorney Michael Yanoff represents the defendants.

Both sides attended a hearing in the town hall courtroom on Thursday and reached an agreement.

Under the agreement, 22 Lindley Towers residents will get back their first and last month of rent. They will also receive a deposit.

Residents will be accommodated in a hotel for the next month.

The hearing was the first time residents had heard from a real estate firm since the building partially collapsed.

“It was traumatic, as it was traumatizing,” said Latoya Heard, a former resident of Lindley Towers. “It was terrifying not knowing what was going to happen in the future.”

Many residents have told CBS Philadelphia that they consider it a fair deal.

“You can take your money now,” said one tenant. “They basically say that if you want to take the money now, you might not get it today.

But some said they didn’t have much choice.

“People are ready to take the money and run because they are afraid,” said another tenant. “They’re tired, which we’ve been going through for a week or so. We are tired”.

CBS Philadelphia asked Pulley, who had been identified as defendants in the trial, what the future of Lindley Towers was, but he did not answer.

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