The 3 Best Sites to Buy SoundCloud Plays, Followers and Likes

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Looking for the best site to buy SoundCloud Plays, Followers & Likes? Want to build a trusted profile on the world’s foremost platform for artists and musicians?

If so, then only the numbers show you’re in good company:

  • 175 million monthly listeners
  • 76 million active registered users
  • 25 million artists and creators

SoundCloud has been responsible for launching countless successful music careers over the years. This is where music industry insiders pick out new talent, and it’s where SoundCloud users go to find the next big thing.

Of all the social media platforms out there on the web right now, none holds greater potential for aspiring artists than SoundCloud. The thing is, getting your SoundCloud tracks heard by the right people isn’t easy. Your work may be brilliant, but how to make sure it’s heard above the noise?

One option is to turn your attention to the web’s best development services for SoundCloud. Buying SoundCloud plays, followers, and likes can be a surprisingly effective promotional strategy.

But which are the best sites to buy such products, if looking for legit SoundCloud services that actually work?

Best Sites to Buy SoundCloud Plays, Followers and Likes

Rated on the basis of quality, authenticity, security and value for money, these are the three growth companies all aspiring SoundCloud promoters should look out for:

1. media mister

The original and arguably the best, Media Mister has been in business for less than a decade. Their extensive list of SoundCloud music services includes Plays, Follows, Likes, Comments, and Reposts – all sourced from active accounts and distributed by real people (no bots).

Media Mr is rated best place buy soundcloud playFollowers and likes from targeted locations, including the United States, Canada, and elsewhere. Prices are widely affordable across the board, including the following standout packages at the time of our review:

  • soundcloud play – 100 for $2, 250 for $3, 500 for $5, 100,000 for $319
  • soundcloud followers – 25 for $2, 50 for $3, 1000 for $27, 50,000 for $999
  • likes soundcloud – 50 for $3, 500 for $15, 10,000 for $225

Impressively, all of Media Mister’s products and packages are also covered by a full money back guarantee. Plus, you also get a 60-day introductory retention warranty when you buy SoundCloud Likes, Plays, or Followers from these people.

Media Mister has a solid reputation and is better than most social media development companies helping artists promote their SoundCloud profiles. A safe and reliable seller that is definitely worth a look, with a vast array of options available to suit all budgets.

2. followFollow

Another great place to buy genuine SoundCloud plays, followers and likes from target countries, GetAFollower is excellent in terms of value for money. Legitimate Followers are available from major regions such as USA, Europe and UK at affordable prices, provided through a drip feeding delivery system to ensure complete discretion.

GetAFollower pays utmost attention to safety and security, which makes buying such products extremely reassuring. They accept a wide variety of popular payment types and their customer support team can be easily contacted via live-chat.

This is the story of wall-to-wall value for money at GetAFollower, though the following low-cost packages are highlighted:

  • soundcloud play – 1000 for $7, 10,000 for $33, 50,000 for $155
  • soundcloud followers – 100 for $5, 500 for $15, 1000 for $27
  • likes soundcloud – 500 for $15, 2500 for $60, 5000 for $115

buy soundcloud like, followers or plays and as part of their refund guarantee the quality is assured. Custom order requests are also considered if want to combine several different products into one low cost package.

The consensus among customers points to a legitimate vendor where authentic social signals aren’t priced for major platforms like SoundCloud.

3. buy real mediaBuy Real Media

Lastly, Buy Real Media is worth a look at the social media growth scene. Their full range of services for SoundCloud extends to Plays, Follows, Likes, Comments, Reposts and more, which is covered in all respects by a comprehensive retention warranty and money-back guarantee.

Buy Real Media is known for combining high quality products with solid customer support and a wide variety of targeted options from key markets around the world, including the United States and Europe. Buy SoundCloud Followers, Likes or Plays from these people and you’re looking at prices like:

  • soundcloud play – 100 for $2, 500 for $5, 25,000 for $79
  • soundcloud followers – 2500 for $60, 5000 for $115, 25,000 for $529
  • likes soundcloud – 250 for $9, 500 for $15, 50,000 for $999

Low prices, fast delivery and a guarantee of authentic products from genuine people combine to be a safe bet. Either way, all sales are backed by a refund guarantee, so you’re covered from all possible incidents.

Buy Real Media hasn’t been around for quite some time as its above counterparts, but is hitting the ground running and is already making a name for itself on the SoundCloud scene.

A Brief Guide to Buying SoundCloud Plays, Followers and Likes

Still wondering if SoundCloud Play, Followers & Likes is right for you? Read on for short answers to several important questions on the fundamentals of buying social signals for SoundCloud:

Why should you buy SoundCloud Play?

The amount of drama that accumulates on your tracks sends an important message about their credibility and appeal. Tracks with comparatively few plays are never particularly catchy when paired with more popular tracks. So, if you want your music to be taken seriously on SoundCloud, buy play can help.

Then the play has an effect on the SoundCloud algorithm. Getting to first place on a competing platform like SoundCloud is half the battle. SoundCloud’s algorithm uses metrics like plays to select popular and trending tracks to recommend.

So buying plays can be great for increasing the visibility of your work. The more plays your tracks get, the more likely your target audience is to find them and take them seriously.

Can you buy soundcloud play and followers?

It’s possible to buy SoundCloud plays, followers, and likes for the time being, but there’s a strategy to approach with caution. This is due to the fact that most social signals for sale online are fake – spam signals from spam accounts.

Social cues are effective only when they are similar to the real thing. This applies to all types of SoundCloud plays, followers, and likes, which need to be indistinguishable from an organic signal to have any positive effect.

Is it safe to buy SoundCloud Play and Followers?

Yes, but only if the Plays, Followers and Likes you buy are 100% valid. Spam signals from fake accounts can result in your profile being flagged for spam, and possibly suspended by SoundCloud.

How to buy soundcloud play and followers? Things to look for before you start

Before placing an order for SoundCloud Play, Followers & Likes, be sure to perform the following quality and safety checks:

Services from real accounts

Never buy social signals that are not 100% authentic – ie genuine services derived from accounts that are active and authentic in the usual way.

delivery speed

The products you purchase need to be delivered at a rate that comes naturally, in order to maintain discretion and avoid identification.

retention warranty

A retention warranty covers you against any potential damages during the first few weeks, ensuring that lost Plays, Followers and Likes are replaced free of charge by the seller.

good customer support

Quality customer support is more than just answering questions in a prompt and appropriate manner. It is also an important mark of respect and professionalism on the part of the seller.

money back guarantee

If all else fails, the money-back guarantee ensures that you are covered from all possible incidents. If things do not turn out as per your expectation, you will at least be able to claim a refund.

final thoughts

Buying a social signal for a platform like SoundCloud can be great for adding credibility and appeal to your tracks. It may be just the thing to catch the eye of the SoundCloud algorithm and give a major visibility boost.

However, the importance of staying safe when shopping for social cues cannot be overemphasized. Each of the above three vendors has earned a solid reputation through their commitment to quality, authenticity and customer satisfaction.

Under no circumstances is it worth taking the risk on low-grade social signals from spam accounts. If your goal is to become a reliable and legitimate artist on SoundCloud, then authenticity should be your top priority at all times.

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