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The accused Colorado market shooter is considered mentally incompetent.

By Keith Kaufman | Reuters

Denver – Psychologists who estimated a 22-year-old man accused of shooting and killing 10 people at a Colorado grocery store in March have found him ineligible for trial, but prosecutors say otherwise. Striving for a mental health check, court records released Monday.

Ahmed al-Alawi Elisa is accused of dozens of murders, and dozens of murders, since the March 22 riots at the King Supers grocery store in Boulder, Colorado, about 28 miles northeast of Denver.

Prosecutors allege Alyssa stormed the supermarket and fired a Ruger AR 556 semi-automatic pistol, which she had legally purchased six days before the riots.

Alyssa has been held without bail since her arrest, and last month a judge ordered her to testify.

The report of the two psychologists appointed by the court has not been released, but their findings were presented in a motion filed by the prosecutors, which is objected to by the defense lawyers.

In her motion, the prosecution argued that the initial assessment showed that Elisa was aware of her legal status. “The defendant indicates an understanding of his charges, possible convictions, and the role of the judge, prosecutor and defense attorney,” the prosecution motion said.

Objecting to the prosecution’s request, defense attorneys said Elisa mistakenly believed she could be executed if found guilty.

“The death penalty is not a possible punishment in this case, and the report presents her (Alyssa’s) sentence as a punishment,” the defense said in a statement.

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