A woman who said she was raped by the same man accused of killing heiress Eliza Fletcher sued the city of Memphis on Tuesday.

Alicia Franklin, 22, said Cleotha Henderson, also known as Cleotha Abston, tricked her out on a date via an online dating app, then kidnapped her under the threat of gunfire and raped her on September 21, 2021.

Last week, Henderson was charged with rape over the att*ck, but Franklin was not publicly listed as the victim.

She spoke to the Daily Memphian on Sunday and defrauded the Memphis police for not having her rape kit tested for nearly a year, while rushing to identify DNA in the Fletcher case.

Fletcher, a 34-year-old mother of two and granddaughter of billionaire Joseph Orgill III, ran near the University of Memphis on September 2. Her body was found on September 5.

“I was just your average black girl in the city of Memphis,” Franklin the Daily Memphian said. “I just don’t think that was the priority.”

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Had authorities previously tested Franklin’s rape kit, DNA would have identified Henderson as her att*cker. Henderson has been in the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation database since he served 20 years in prison for the 2001 kidnapping.


In a lawsuit claiming that the city of Memphis was negligent in her case and demanding unspecified punitive and punitive damages, Franklin argued that if the authorities took her case more seriously, they could save Fletcher’s life.

Henderson “should and could have been arrested and charged with the qualifying rape of Alicia Franklin months earlier, most likely in the year 2021.” the lawsuit saidaccording to the Daily Memphian.

“I definitely do [Fletcher] would still be alive today, Franklin he said, “Good morning America.”


In the lawsuit, Franklin also claimed that the cops had enough evidence to arrest Henderson even without a DNA profile. She said she gave his phone number, dating app profile, a description of the car he drove and his name “Cleo”.

The DNA testing in the Franklin case was completed on September 5, the same day Fletcher’s body was found.

In Fletcher’s case, Henderson was charged with first degree m*rder, especially kidnapping, as well as other crimes. In Franklin’s case, he pleaded not guilty to rape and kidnapping.

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