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The Americans want border jumpers to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Americans may be divided over whether to impose the COVID-19 vaccine mandate on citizens, but there is little debate when it comes to illegal immigrants jumping over the border: most people Says government should give them a shot

A new survey by the National Sheriff’s Association found that a large number of people favored the COVID-19 test for those who jumped the border, with 96 percent saying it was necessary.

When it comes to hiring them, 74% said they would like to see the Fed need vaccination, compared to 15% who opposed the idea. The rest did not believe.

The TIPP survey surveyed 1,308 Americans, although immigration questions were asked about a small subset of 766 people who said they were following the border situation either way. ” Too close “or” something too close “. The poll was conducted from September 29 to October 2.

Sheriff Mark Daniels, head of the association’s Border Security Committee, said in a memo on the poll’s findings that the sheriff had extended Washington’s Code-19 policies and border. What they have heard back is not satisfactory.

Sheriff Daniels wrote, “Federal officials often delegate this important responsibility to local nonprofit groups that are already overwhelmed and under-funded, leading to an increase in COVID-19 cases in the South and across the country.” Has happened. ”

Homeland Security Secretary Alexandro Murcas recently revealed to Congress that about 20 percent of illegal immigrants on the southern border are getting sick.

This is a staggering rate, and it raises new questions about how the Biden administration is handling the influx of refugees.

President Biden has imposed a vaccine mandate on federal workers and contractors, and has urged companies to do the same.

And by October 1, applicants for immigration benefits who must have a medical examination must now show proof of COVID vaccination as part of that.

Despite this, the White House has denied the need for illegal immigrants to meet the same criteria.

Unnecessary illegal travelers have been barred from crossing the border since the onset of the epidemic, with lawmakers from every political party allowing Mr Murcas to enter tens of thousands of illegal immigrants every month.

Fiscal year 2021 ended on September 30, and although final figures are not yet available, it was tampering with the record for the worst time of the year on record due to Border Patrol concerns. It broke the record of illegal immigrant children long ago.

Experts say the arrests do not include the hundreds of thousands of well-known “gateways” that Border Patrol knows have been used by them.

Almost all of them pay for the trip with smuggling cartels, which typically cost between 000 7,000 and 12 12,000.

A survey by the Sheriff’s Association found that Americans strongly agreed with the statement that Mexican cartels were undermining American security.

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